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Hello everyone! As you know, the Hello Kitty Online Team has been working to improve the game based on your feedback, and thanks to you HKO has come a long way since its first Closed Beta. So, starting today, we’ll be walking you through some of the major changes and improvements to the game, the ones you’ll be seeing for yourself soon when the game launches!

To start things off, we’d like to showcase the new, never-before-seen city that’s been added to the game: Beijing! In it you’ll see some narrow streets, red lanterns, unique buildings, and walls surrounding the heart of the city.

Hello Kitty Online’s New City: Beijing

Hello Kitty Online’s Beijing is full of interesting detail. If you’re into aquatic life, you’ll enjoy a visit to the Bubble Dome, and if you’re into cultural relics, the Forbidden Museum might just be the place for you.

The Bubble Dome The Forbidden Museum

The city also has its very own sports stadium!

Beijing sports stadium

We also have 14 new adventure maps, 8 of which make up Beijing’s surroundings. Each of these adventure maps is sprinkled with new resource nodes and roaming creatures. Of course, new content and new Sanrio characters also come with the opening of Beijing. In fact, this new city is especially important because in it you’ll come across a major piece of the puzzle required to solve the mystery surrounding Sanrio Land.

We’ll take you through more of our updates over the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned!

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