A problem with the HKO installer can result in a desktop shortcut for HKO that does not launch the game.  If your game won’t start, please download and run the Client Shortcut Hotfix and follow the instructions. Click on the button below to begin downloading (629 KB).

Download the HKO Client Shortcut Hotfix!

If you are unable to download the file using the above link, please try the following alternate download location:

Client Shortcut Hotfix (Mirror)


1.  Download and run the Client Shortcut Hotfix above or from the Hello Kitty Online Download Center.


2.  When the program runs, you will need to enter your HKO installation directory. The default is:  C:\Program Files\SanrioTown\Hello Kitty Online

installer-fix-02.jpg Unless you installed your game to a non-default directory, the above will be correct. Click “Next” when done. 3.  Enter the Windows Start Menu folder where you want HKO to appear. The default is:

SanrioTown\Hello Kitty Online


If there is no need to change this entry. Click “Next” when done. 4. Review the settings and click “Install”.  The hotfix program will now update your game.


5. Click on “Finish” and your HKO installation should be updated and in working order.


Thank you for your support in helping us prepare the game for Open Beta and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  If you encounter problems with the game, please send us an email at onlinegame@hellokitty.com with a description of what happened and we’ll be glad to help you. See you in Hello Kitty Online!

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