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February is the Month of Love, and we invite all Founders to celebrate the joy and love of Valentine’s Day in Hello Kitty Online! From February 12-17, 2009, HKO will host Happy Hearts, an exclusive Founders-only event in which players can get together once more with their friends, take on exciting new quests, and be first to experience some major enhancements to the game!

Here’s a rundown of what’s in store for the HKO Happy Hearts event:

Special Valentine’s-themed quests
Things aren’t all as they should be in Sanrio Land: Cupid has gone missing, and the romance of the season is also nowhere to be found. It’s up to our Founders to find him, and more importantly, help bring back the love! We’ll also be giving away exclusive items to the first few to finish the quest chain, so stay tuned for details!

Improved user interface
This is HKO like you’ve never seen before! Be among the first to experience the improved 1024×768 resolution, movable windows, and easily resizable chatbox! The local area map has also been improved, so keep an eye out for these and other enhancements!

Hello Kitty Online Farm

Revamped farming system
We’ve taken into account your comments and suggestions in our revamp of the farming system. You can now water your plants and invite others to help you with the harvest; growth times have been adjusted; we have added a day cycle for farms; and players can now enjoy 8 new uniquely-designed farm types! After a lot of brainstorming and testing, this one of the most significant changes we’ve made to the game, so don’t miss out!

Keyword chat filter
Included in this events version of HKO is the recently announced chat filter. Offensive words will instantly be blocked from private and public chat to ensure a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience for our players.

Happy Hearts will begin on February 12, 2009 at exactly 22:00 EST, and will end on February 17, 2009 at 23:59 EST. We look forward to celebrating Valentine’s with all of you, and are eager to get your feedback on the many improvements we’ve made to the game. Stay tuned for more updates as the date draws near on the official HKO News blog and the official Event blog. See you soon!

55 Responses to “Happy Hearts: An HKO Valentine’s Event”

  1. Dear HKO,

    Yeah! I am so excited about the Valentine’s Day event. I went home for Christmas so I missed out on the winter event (because I only had dial up). I am constantly checking to see when HKO will launch again as I miss it so much! Keep up the great work!

    Yours Truly,

    Tea Dog

  2. yaaay!!! :)

  3. >.

  4. I can’t wait!!


    Thank you thank you thank you!! I’ve been waiting for so long for HKO to open again, even if for a short while!! :)

    I know I won’t have much time with school, but I’ll try!

  6. HKO Staff and Team,
    This Sounds Great!
    Im super happy this starts on my mid-winter/spring break!
    Ill be joining it DEF! and finishing some other quests up my sleeve ;]
    I hope that the farming experience will be great..
    and i sure do hope there isnt very hard things that lower levals cannot try.
    Great anyway =]
    Ill be with u!

    God Bless,

  7. What about everyone else that has been waiting? Seems like HKO will always only be “exclusive Founders-only”. You all have fun.

  8. Sounds fun…I can’t wait ^ ^

  9. I’m so excited about this!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  10. *jumps up & down* Yayyyy!!! I’m SO ready! Can’t wait now! THANK YOU! *hugs* So… who’s gonna be my valentine? lol.

  11. yay! i can’t wait.

  12. I have to agree with Namiko, all these Founders get to play, how about the rest of us? Kinda not fair to those who have been waiting, maybe the rest of us would like to get in on the events as well. I think if you can let the Founders play, you guys could let the rest of us play too.

  13. Well you gotta know that this game is still in beta - Founders’ Beta is a closed beta
    There was plenty of opportunity to sign up as a Founder :( sorry that you guys missed out
    The game developers listened to our suggestions and made significant changes to the game that needs to be tested out.
    This game still has to go into open beta before it goes into commercial release, so you’ll have your chance to play.

  14. Yay, can’t wait to see you all then ^__^

  15. Glad to see some progress! All for testing out some improvements-hope you all who enjoy farming will like those enhancements!
    (I am in the minority who don’t like farming). Sorry that it isn’t open beta yet-but happy to see ANY progress! ~serenitycat

  16. Yay, thanks, hope the farms are now more easy. I deleted my HKO a while ago :( Guess i’ll have 2 download it again.

  17. Sweet! Hope to see everyone again. ^_^ I wonder if they’re also have some new areas ready for us too. ^_^

  18. YIPPEE!! Can’t wait to meet all my friends ingame again. :D

  19. whoo, higher resolution and moveable windows, new farming!! I second Plutochan’s comments there, they really listened to what we wanted and are showing it to us first…I don’t think it’s unfair, we are helping make the game better.

  20. Awesome! Sounds like some great improvements… Can’t wait to test them out! :D

  21. when when when!

  22. HOORAY! I can’t wait!

  23. yay i can’t wait to see everyone again

  24. This is a good and special game!

  25. This is a good and special game~~!

  26. this is the best game i love to olay it is better than maple!!!!!!

  27. me too! it’s been 1 year!

  28. I so toatlly agree!!!!!!!!!!

    kk slider

  29. You bothered so much,Excuse me, can give me hello kitty Online Game Download program
    The letter in reply gives me, mall:cut_melody@mymelody.com

  30. Hello! Hello Kitty staff I’m so excited when your going to be able to let us download HKO! I’m a fan of Hello Kitty please tell us when your going to release it!! THANKS!! :D

  31. Since Sanrio is performing a stress test during the Happy Hearts event, I’m hoping that means that Open Beta is shortly around the corner.

  32. And sorry for double post…

    14-17 will be open to the public as long as you have a SanrioTown.com account. It’s free to sign-up. Please head over and do so.

    SO to those who aren’t Founders, if you aren’t signed up yet after that announcement…

  33. When it does become available to the rest of the HK fan base will we have to pay for it? Is there an educated guess of when HKO will in fact become available. I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I’m beginning to think that this will not be available to the public…ever.

  34. ROCK ON! I can hardly wait!!!!!!

  35. is this for the old players only? what about the new member’s..how can we log in to the game?..i want to play too..

  36. hi yiyan11, just read post #32, they are preforming stress test 14-17, so yes, us new players get a chance to see the game also

  37. why is it said that my username or password is wrong? what is the exampl of a username? is it like this yiyan11@hellokitty.com..is it right?pls answer me..T_T

  38. It says ur username and password is wrong, cuz we can’t log in until the 14th during the stress test. :)

  39. i cant wait 4 this!

  40. Me either

  41. question why my username is wrong today is 14 i wana enter to the game T_T help!!!ª

  42. Scusate, perchè è tutto in inglese?!?

  43. OMG i am pretty new to sanriotown and have been wanting to get on hko but didn’t know why i couldn’t. So now i know that it only opens for special events, and i am so excited to attend it!

  44. yiyan11 and Zetu@hello~: HKO won’t be available until 20:00 (8 pm) Eastern Standard Time. That’s only a few hours away so hang in there!

  45. YES i been waiting for this moment!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  46. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna join!!!!!!!!!

  47. HI! im new to here so can you guys fill me in with all the info please? :) i hope your all nice!

  48. HI! im new to here so can you guys fill me in with all the info please? :) i hope your all nice! from coolHKgirl

  49. :D HURRY UP!

  50. :@

  51. HI! I’m new to friend online game

  52. Regarding the chat filters… I’m just curious why the name of “Jesus” is considered offensive? As a Christian, I’m rather offended by that!

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