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Our developers have been working hard on major improvements to the game based on the suggestions of Beta players. Here are some of the enhancements coming in the Open Beta.

Higher resolution & increased field of view

You can now play Hello Kitty Online in 1024×768 resolution! The old resolution of 800×600 will still be available should you prefer it, but choosing 1024×768 will give you a significantly larger field of view, allowing you to see more of your surroundings. You will also have a better chance to spot aggressive monsters before you run into them!

800 x 600  


1024 x 768


The improved Hello Kitty Online will also allow you to see what’s going on in the virtual world while you’re viewing your character info or quest log. See the video provided further down.

Movable windows

Finally, you can reposition windows in Hello Kitty Online anywhere on the screen. This fixes the problem of overlapping windows, and allows you to move them anywhere you like! We’ve prepared a short video showcasing this improvement on the new 1024×768 resolution, check it out!

Keyword chat filters

Keyword filters for the in-game chat system are being implemented to help prevent unacceptable behavior in Hello Kitty Online. Based on a comprehensive and regularly updated list of keywords, the filter will instantly block offensive words from appearing in public and private chat.

We’ll keep you posted on other things that we’re feverishly working on as we move toward Open Beta and a greatly improved Hello Kitty Online. Stay tuned for more!

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