Hello everyone! First off, we’d like to thank you for all the great feedback and suggestions we’ve been getting regarding the Founders’ Christmas Reunion. Whether through the forums, email or in-game, your thoughts are very much welcome! And now, we would like to post some clarifications for your questions about loyalty points.

The loyalty points available during the Christmas Reunion were given only so that our Founders could experience the Item Mall early. Because of that, unused loyalty points will be erased in Open Beta. However, the items that our players have purchased from the Item Mall may be retained, so please stay tuned for further announcements.

On top of that, we have good news for all our Sanriotown users. If you’ve taken time to check the mail info box that appears when you log-in to Sanriotown, you’ve probably noticed that you have a certain number of “Kitty Points”.

Sanriotown Kitty Points

In Open Beta, these Kitty Points will be converted into HKO Loyalty Points. That means, the higher your Kitty Points, the more Loyalty Points you will receive. This will be an active conversion system, so continued use of Sanriotown will earn you more points for the Item Mall!

At the moment, signing up, logging in, sending email through your account will earn you Kitty Points, but we have plans to extend this system to the use of other services in Sanriotown.

We hope we’ve answers your questions! Stay tuned for more updates, and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

19 Responses to “Important Information About Loyalty Points”

  1. “In Open Beta, these Kitty Poins will be converted into HKO Loyalty Points.”

    Points. :P

    “you’re thoughts are very much welcome!”


  2. we lose the points if we didn’t use them? …well, that’s a bit unfair for those that wanted to save some points for the live game.

    But cool we get kitty points.

  3. wahahahaha!! I only bought a kitty hat! mainly because most of the time the images can’t load properly so I didn’t even know what I was looking at hahahaha oh well… hmm now the next thing to wonder about is the conversion rate! xD

  4. Good thing I bought everything I wanted. I think it would be nice to give others a chance to buy what they liked with the remaining earlier point. Maybe have the item mall open again with the same limited items for a few days?

    I do like that kitty points are converted to loyalty points :)

  5. Awesome, I have a bunch of kittypoints that need converting, and accumulating every day!

  6. […] I just posted about it, and there were probably several other people asking about them. Anyways. There’s a new HKO blog post about loyalty points. This entry was posted on Friday, December 26th, 2008 at 6:23 am and is filed under HKO. You can […]

  7. I don’t think it’s unfair at all to remove the unused points. The points were only given to us so we could test the new feature - and I think it’s a great gesture if the items we bought are left in our accounts as a reward for doing exactly that. However, if people chose to selfishly hang onto their points instead of fulfilling their “duties” as beta testers by helping to test the mall… Well, I don’t see why those people should be rewarded by being able to keep their points. They’re just looking to get something for nothing.

  8. Hope the points are worth something .. would hate to have a shirt cost 5000 points… thats all of my points!

  9. Wow that is awesome. I haven’t played HKO yet but I am anticipating so much for it. I can’t wait to exchange my kitty points and see what I can have in store XDD

  10. OMG! So cuteeeeeeeee…….Do you know they have a Hello Kitty hosp. in Taiwan?! I am not sure if any boy baby born is born in this Kitty Hospital too. But if I have a baby girl, I want to go to Taiwan to deliver my baby in Kitty Hospital!!!

  11. I heard that there was a CD copy of HKO given out. Is there a way to get one now?

  12. Is OB tommorow? =P

  13. Well I’m glad I bought everything in the mall that I wanted! ^_^ Now…. lets talk about how the conversion is gonna go down lol…

  14. =]

  15. i only used 100 coins.. lol i saved my 200 thinking i could still use it in OB.. oh well, good thing there’s kitty points

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  17. That’s a bit unfair for those that wanted to save some points for the live game. But cool we get kitty points.

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