Hello everyone! First off, we’d like to thank you for all the great feedback and suggestions we’ve been getting regarding the Founders’ Christmas Reunion. Whether through the forums, email or in-game, your thoughts are very much welcome! And now, we would like to post some clarifications for your questions about loyalty points.

The loyalty points available during the Christmas Reunion were given only so that our Founders could experience the Item Mall early. Because of that, unused loyalty points will be erased in Open Beta. However, the items that our players have purchased from the Item Mall may be retained, so please stay tuned for further announcements.

On top of that, we have good news for all our Sanriotown users. If you’ve taken time to check the mail info box that appears when you log-in to Sanriotown, you’ve probably noticed that you have a certain number of “Kitty Points”.

Sanriotown Kitty Points

In Open Beta, these Kitty Points will be converted into HKO Loyalty Points. That means, the higher your Kitty Points, the more Loyalty Points you will receive. This will be an active conversion system, so continued use of Sanriotown will earn you more points for the Item Mall!

At the moment, signing up, logging in, sending email through your account will earn you Kitty Points, but we have plans to extend this system to the use of other services in Sanriotown.

We hope we’ve answers your questions! Stay tuned for more updates, and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

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