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Founders’ Beta has been a real success and it’s thanks to you! As the game winds down and officially closes at midnight EST on November 8, 2008, the time has come for the last, the greatest, the best event yet: the Founders’ Finale! We’re making the countdown to the end of this Founders’ Beta a lot of fun, and we’ll be giving away real diamond pendants generously provided by MBLife, so join any (or all!) of the contests in the Founders’ Finale for a chance to win!

HKO Founders’ Finale Sponsored by MBLife

The action starts on November 7, 2008 at 9pm EST. Here are the activities.

Crop Circles

Show off the precision of your landscaping skills!  Nothing is more refreshing than a day in a beautifully landscaped garden.  Use your farm to arrange your crops to grow into shapes or patterns, make colorful combinations, or draw a picture made of crops! Click here to see more details on the HKO Event blog.

Body Doubles

Do you look like your Hello Kitty Online avatar?  Send us pictures!  Mix and match avatar clothes and hairstyles or dress yourself up in real life to look like your avatar!   We will pick two winners (one male avatar and one female avatar) based on similarities between their photograph and their HKO avatar! See the details for that event on the HKO Event blog.

Blog For Thought

Share your Hello Kitty Online story!  Use your SanrioTown account blog to write about your experiences in the game, your best or funniest moments, the friends you met in the game, or anything related to HKO.  Creativity is king here!  Add photos, videos or music to make your blog post better. Read more about that on the HKO Event blog.

A Day With Hello Kitty and Friends

Got a talent for art?  This one is for you!  Draw your avatar together with Hello Kitty and her friends. Your drawing must be about something you have done in Sanrio Land – for example, planting your farm, cooking for charity, running back and forth on quests, or anything else you enjoyed doing in Sanrio Land! Click here to see more details about this event!

The Kevent

The Kevent is an obscure event shrouded in mystery, wrapped in enigma, riddled with puzzles, surrounded by inscrutability, and doused with a healthy dose of bewilderment.  And that’s as much as we’re going to tell you about The Kevent. What is The Kevent? You’ll have to log in to find out more!

See the HKO Event Blog for the respective deadlines of each event.

Winners in these events will be rewarded with fine diamond jewelry which sponsor by a prestige online jewelry shop - MBLife.com. The generous support and the sparkle of diamonds from MBLife will certainly help all founders to enjoy and excel in all our events. 

Good luck to all founders and thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you as we celebrate a wonderful Founders’ Beta!

* MBLife.com is an online jewelry shop that provides a delightful shopping experience for customers to experience wide selection of fashionable diamond jewelry. (Learn more about MBLife.com)

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