Here is a list of critical fixes made through the update for October 21 2008, solving some important server and network issues.

  1. Fixed a critical lobby server error, which caused it to crash whenever some players would try to connect using a certain version of the old Hello Kitty Online CB client.
  2. Fixed the portal problem between maps.
  3. Fixed the log-in problem, which caused players to get stuck in the log-in screen when the network is slow.
  4. Added the “Network Connection” signal. At the bottom right corner, there is a small HKO Network Connection symbol symbol that will indicate the status of the network (Green means connection is good, yellow means connection is below average, and red means connection is really bad) Players can always view their network performance.

Please email bugs and comments related to these updates to

4 Responses to “Updates: Critical Fixes”

  1. I got it a few times while playing HKO, but i didnt think it was anything because the game kept going fine, but for 3 days now i havent been able to log on at all, the first page comes up and then you press accept to wait for logging page, yet the only thing that comes up is a hko error box saying “read beyond end of file” and then “access violation at address 044c7faf in module “hko.exe” read of address 0000000c”


  2. I get to the login screen and enter the correct info, then it says “Connecting server” for the longest time. Then it just goes back to a blank login page.

  3. pleae i need help i try to log onto to the game and it gives me a error please help

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