Today’s update fixes some translation problems and makes some functional tweaks to the game, please feel free to test these updates:

  1. Fixed the wrong spelling of “London”
  2. Translated the Chinese description in some quest rewards
  3. Players can now gather “Green Tea Leaves” (New seeds must be bought)
  4. Players can now split items in their inventory using shift + left-click (instead of shift + right-click)
  5. Default Channel changed to “Map Channel”
  6. Dialog for Guild NPC in London has been fixed
  7. Dialog for Mini Game NPC in London has been fixed
  8. Crop growth rate has been adjusted
  9. Pet’s hunger index won’t change if they are not equipped
  10. Added tool tips for icons on the left of the Quest window
  11. Players can buy pet food in both London and Florapolis

Feel free to email bug reports and comments related to these updates to

Hello Kitty Online is proud to announce its largest in-game event yet: the building of New York City! Starting October 17, 2008, players of the Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta will be able to participate in a series of quests to collect and organize materials for the building of New York, a new area that will appear in the next phase of the game.

Statue of Liberty in Hello Kitty Online

Players who successfully complete all the required quests will have the names of their character permanently recorded on virtual commemorative plaques located throughout the new area (the plaques will appear in future versions of the game’s North American edition). It’s a unique opportunity to leave your mark on Hello Kitty Online!

That is just one example of Hello Kitty Online’s commitment to players who participate in the Founders’ Beta. Founders also enjoy permanent rewards and status, and will retain much of their characters’ progress into the launch version of Hello Kitty Online.

GreenPixels HKO Founders’ Beta Account Giveaway

If you would like to join in the fun, help test the game, and see your name permanently engraved inside the cute world of Hello Kitty, become a Founder today! Green Pixels is offering a limited number of beta keys that will allow you to become a Founder of Hello Kitty Online and play in the Founders’ Beta. Supplies are limited, so get yours now!

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