Greetings to all our Founders! Our servers have encountered a minor problem, and our team is working hard to fully resolve the issue before the launch of the game to ensure that you all enjoy smooth gameplay once Founders’ Beta begins. Please be assured that we’re doing our best to fix the issue soonest, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused to our Founders.

Thank you for your continuing patience and understanding, and we cannot wait to be with you in-game. We’ve all got our thinking caps and working gloves on for this one, stay tuned!

21 Responses to “Minor Server Issues”

  1. how long do we wait until its fixed?

  2. heh, a ‘minor problem’? how could you not be prepared for this? its amazing to me how mmo companies just never learn. :(

  3. Thanks for the update! I must admit I figured it was something like that.

  4. To the above posters: please understand that this is not a live game yet. The purpose of any beta test is to work out the bugs. Consider the test started ;)

  5. To be fair, edyensid, I’m sure as far as the GMs knew, the servers were going to launch just fine; no way to expect the unexpected unless Abby’s got a crystal ball up her sleeve somewhere. At least the blog post lets us know they’re working on solving the problem. I bet we’ll all be playing soon. :)

  6. Oh come on people! You’re all better then this!

    Have patience!

    On the post it said that the HKO team is working HARD to solve this problem. Isn’t that good enough for you?

  7. umm, i fully understand this is not a live game yet, but they have already had a Closed Beta, so how could they not be prepared for thousands of users attempting to logon at once? i mean it is an mmo, and one thing an mmo company must get right is the Logon Server. im not bashing them tho, i think this game is going to be great!! :)

  8. im not irritated by the minor problem at all.. i kind of figured something like this would happen, but just cause servers always have problems.. im sure they didnt want the problem just as bad as we wish it wasnt there so we could play already, it is time for us to be a little more patient. once we do get in the game itll be a blast!!!


  9. made it to the Server and World select screen, but then got disconnected from server, its a start ;)

  10. watching the ‘connecting server’ window is…mind killing….

    *prays for hko to get online soon*

  11. Geez some people are just down right rude and spoiled in their ways. Unless you your self have ever BUILT an mmo site and have succsessfully ran it then I think everyone should just back off and let these hard working game developers do their job without having to see such rude and mean comments! Your lucky the site is even going to be free, with how much they are putting into this i’m suprised htey don’t want to charge at least a monthly fee.

  12. I myself have experienced running a private mmo, it is hard work! Thank you HKO team! Keep going, you can do it! =D

  13. The HKO crew are doing a great job…I’m just bored waiting for it to move. I still can’t wait to play =D.

    aren’t they getting the ‘monthly fee’ from the special stores?

  14. Well thank goodness at least two people see my point :) Most likely they are, but then again they’re not “Making” you buy anything.

  15. The HKO team is doing well.

    I managed to get to the server select, but then I got disconnected.

    Great work, keep it up. :D

    Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be fine.

  16. YEAH im in making my character !!!!!! WOOT anyone eles got that far?

  17. i cant log in with my username because it has a hyphen and u cant use the hyphen in the game!


    do i hav to make a new account…? :S

  18. @starfish-chan

    take out the hyphen and use “”

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