When we said we would do our best to make room for more founders, we meant it! Now, Sanrio Digital has once again tied-up with the popular gaming portal MMOSite.com to bring you this special Founders’ Beta Account Giveaway event! To learn more about it, simply visit their contest page by clicking this link.

MMOSite Founders’ Beta Account Giveaway Event

In the words of GM Neverender, “Ask and you ought to receive!” But hurry, there are only 2,000 accounts available from MMOSite, so although you will have a great chance of getting in, it’s only until supplies last! Good luck! :)

14 Responses to “MMOSite Founders’ Beta Account Giveaway Event!”

  1. yay! first =) hopefully i get in this time.

  2. and click on the more info link, some good information there.

  3. the screenshots are awesome!

  4. I hope i will be one ofthe founders thanks SANRIO and mmosite

  5. since there’s only 2000 accounts, is it first come first serve?

  6. Yes. Once they’re filled, that’s it.

  7. im one of the founders!!yay!!!
    cant wait to dwnload it!!!

  8. YES!!

    I became a founder!

    I was so lucky! I signed up for it 2 days after this was announced and I still got it!

  9. I am now officially a HK Online Founder! I don’t know how it happened. I mean, aren’t there other people who want to join.

  10. Dayum, I sure was luckyyyyyyy!
    Honestly, I expected the demand for this to be so high that there’d be no chance for me :S

  11. Hello.

    Just a question, in HKO, will we just use our usernames on our email adresses?

    Or can we come up with our own in the game?

    ‘Cuz I really REALLY want the username, KumoKomori. (It means spider bat in Japanese XD)

  12. yyyaaayyy i am founder in your face . dose any one want to be friends with me?

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  14. thank you for share!

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