If you’ve been eager to learn more about the future of Hello Kitty Online, then we’ve got a treat for you! The popular game website Ten Ton Hamster has posted yet another exclusive interview on their site, this time with HKO Community Manager Abigail Reyes. In it you will find more information about the upcoming Founders’ Beta, more details about the game in general, and even about Open Beta! There are also a couple of exclusive screenshots there, so don’t miss out!

Exclusive New Interview on Ten Ton Hamster

Also on Ten Ton Hamster, in case you missed it, are the results for the poll on “Which Game are You Most Looking Forward to Coming Out in 2008?“. The people have spoken, and HKO leads the race with a whopping 66% of votes!

And finally, you can view the highly talked-about New HKO Trailer on their site as well. Just click this link to see it again, and if you haven’t yet, now’s a good chance! Enjoy!

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