When we said we would do our best to make room for more founders, we meant it! Now, Sanrio Digital has once again tied-up with the popular gaming portal MMOSite.com to bring you this special Founders’ Beta Account Giveaway event! To learn more about it, simply visit their contest page by clicking this link.

MMOSite Founders’ Beta Account Giveaway Event

In the words of GM Neverender, “Ask and you ought to receive!” But hurry, there are only 2,000 accounts available from MMOSite, so although you will have a great chance of getting in, it’s only until supplies last! Good luck! :)

Here comes another exclusive interview, this time from the popular game website Gamers Daily News! In it you’ll find fresh information on the concepts behind the game, so check it out by clicking this link!

Hello Kitty Online Interview on Gamers Daily News

Hello Kitty caused quite a stir when she hit the gaming scene, and HKO has since exceeded expectations. This new interview with Community Manager Abigail Reyes can give players, fans and those who are simply curious a better idea of just what makes the game so unique. Happy reading!

If you’ve been eager to learn more about the future of Hello Kitty Online, then we’ve got a treat for you! The popular game website Ten Ton Hamster has posted yet another exclusive interview on their site, this time with HKO Community Manager Abigail Reyes. In it you will find more information about the upcoming Founders’ Beta, more details about the game in general, and even about Open Beta! There are also a couple of exclusive screenshots there, so don’t miss out!

Exclusive New Interview on Ten Ton Hamster

Also on Ten Ton Hamster, in case you missed it, are the results for the poll on “Which Game are You Most Looking Forward to Coming Out in 2008?“. The people have spoken, and HKO leads the race with a whopping 66% of votes!

And finally, you can view the highly talked-about New HKO Trailer on their site as well. Just click this link to see it again, and if you haven’t yet, now’s a good chance! Enjoy!

A special announcement for all aspiring Founders: the response to the call for the Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta has been overwhelming, and as of right now all Founders’ Beta slots have been filled. We would like to thank everyone who has shown such enthusiasm for Hello Kitty Online. We were so impressed by the response (and the impassioned pleas for acceptance) that we are working hard to increase the quota of Founders, so if you haven’t applied yet, do so now!

Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta

To those who have already applied, please keep checking your SanrioTown account. We will be notifying you this week to let you know if you are one of the Founders.

For those who have not yet applied, do not be discouraged! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account at SanrioTown.com,
  2. Using the SanrioTown account, send a BLANK email to hkofounder@hellokitty.com.

We want to see all of you in the upcoming Beta, and because of that, we will try our best to accommodate as many requests as we can. We can’t guarantee you will get in, but we are trying our best.

Once again, thank you for your continued support! Keep checking your SanrioTown emails and the HKO Official Blog for more updates!

After months of going over player comments and suggestions, and working hard to deliver an even better game to all our supporters, it’s time for the big news. The wait has been long, but we’ve toiled to make sure it’s all worth it! So without further ado, we are pleased to announce the next phase — The Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta!

Founders’ Beta

October 8, 2008 is the big day, and the this next stage will allow a limited number of users to play Hello Kitty Online ahead as Founders ahead of launch, while earning benefits and participating in special in-game events.

And now, here’s how you can be one of the Founders of the official Hello Kitty Online launch!

1. Sign up for an account at SanrioTown.com,
2. Using the SanrioTown account, send a BLANK email to hkofounder@hellokitty.com.

Remember, you need a SanrioTown account in order to qualify to be a Founder, and the email account you use will be the one we grant access to for the Founders’ Beta. Also, questions, comments and suggestions should be sent to onlinegame@hellokitty.com.

What’s to look forward to? The new version of HKO will feature an improved interface, new monsters, new maps, new items, and the opening of London and Paris.  The Founders’ Beta will also introduce gameplay changes such as an improved skill system, pet systems and team-play oriented enhancements.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out, because we’ll only be allowing a limited number into this stage! More details to come in the following days, so stay tuned!

Here it is, through our very own Dream Studio, the Hello Kitty Online trailer that fueled a massive response from gamers and bloggers around the world! Click on this link to go to the video page, and don’t forget to leave a comment! :)

And on top of that, Neverender leaked some new screenshots again. And well, “if you can’t beat em” eh? There are more images of London to give you a better view of the exciting new map!

Hello Kitty Online London Map

Hop on over to GM Neverender’s blog to see the rest of the new screenshots. Hope you liked these new releases! :)

The hype for Hello Kitty Online is still up, and now MMORPG.com posted the new HKO trailer on their site! The trailer showcases the major features of the game, so if you’re curious about what exactly the game has to offer, check it out by clicking this link!

MMORPG Trailer

The video earned 12,600 views and 78 comments in just a few days. Clearly,  Hello Kitty Online is catching everyone’s attention. Stay tuned for more!

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