For all those who have been wondering, “Hompy” is the term we use for the interior of the house. The Hompy System, as our Closed Beta testers have experienced, is the system that allows you to decorate the interior of your house. As many of you have seen through CB screenshots, there weren’t a lot of furniture yet, so now we bring you a preview of what your HKO house could look like in the future!

HKO Hompy System (Preview)

Click the image to see it full-size. We are proud to announce that in our future versions, we will have hundreds of different hompy items, many of which you can interact with in-game! You will be able to customize your house to make it uniquely yours, and when you’re done, invite some friends over to chat, or even share farming tips maybe. :)

Hope you liked this little preview. More to come soon, so stay tuned!

Hello everybody! It is I, GM - Neverender, your special guest writer for the HKO official blog. Hmmm, hmmm you might be thinking that something special is afoot that it requires the abilities of a special writer… well… you’re right!

Question is, how special?

Hrmm, hrmm…

*teaser moment*

You might remember a previous post where mouth-watering images of upcoming pets (for OB), farm and avatar designs were shown. Yes, yes I know they’re amazing. This time, how about I show you guys 3D versions?

Now, would that be something you might be interested in?

I’ll take your giddy silence as a resounding yes.


Cute, cute chicken and mouse pets! Amazing ainnit? hahaha


THIS one, we’re especially proud of… it’s BIG, it’s AWESOME and it’s going to be YOUR pet. Rawr!

There you have it. We here at HKO are really, really, REALLY excited for the upcoming Open Beta and so should you! Well, we know you are! Thank you so much for the support. Hope this’ll sate your appetites until the next update :D

It’s time for more contest entries! We’re well into the competition, and the number of entries continues to rise. Right now, we’d like to feature two great contest entries. The first one by Naifu, entitled “Naifu’s HKOContest Video Trailer!“, where she uses her own screenshots to make this creative trailer.

Naifu’s HKOContest Video Trailer!

And another special one called “Hello Kitty Online Trailer” by Elench, because we’re sure many of you will find it funny! From the preview below, you may notice that something’s out of place!

Hello Kitty Online Trailer

Thank you to everyone who spent time making entries for the HKO Trailer Contest, and if you haven’t made your own, you still have until June 30 2008! Don’t be intimidated, just do your best! Who knows, we may feature your videos next. :)

Most if not all of our Closed Beta testers experienced having pets of their own. And with the Monster Hunter event that happened during CB, there were even more pets introduced in the game. So here’s an exclusive preview of two other monsters that will be out in future versions. Click the images or text link to see them full-size!


As for farming, we know you’re all excited about the other farm designs, so here’s one more from us!


Although we didn’t have a lot of clothes available during the CB yet, avatars will probably be the most customizable part of the game in the future. So, we’ll be having a lot more accessories and clothing for players to enjoy!


That’s especially for all those who called for bunny and Hello Kitty ears! These are just a fraction of things to come, so we hope you enjoyed this little preview. More to come soon! :)

The Hello Kitty Online Closed Beta is now over. We’d like to thank all of our testers, old and new, who’ve sent in their comments, suggestions and bug reports. From the early days in April, until midnight last night, you’ve all helped make the Closed Beta a wonderful success!

Thank you everyone!

For all who joined our in-game events, we appreciate your participation! We will keep you all posted with news on future developments in the game, and we look forward to seeing you in Open Beta! In the mean time, feel free to keep in touch with your fellow CB Testers through the SanrioTown forums and through email.

Again, thanks for playing! Remember, this isn’t goodbye, this is see you later! :)

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