Over the weekend alone, there have been so many great applications for Hello Kitty Online closed beta in Dream Studio. The response to our call has been overwhelming, and because of that I’d like to feature some of our very interesting videos.

Here’s one made recently by Spacemancow, and we’re sure you’ll find this very amusing, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan! Click here to view the video page.

And this is proof of just how diverse our applicants are. We have here the seemingly hardcore gamer Clouded, with a similarly amusing application. Some parts of these are not to be taken too seriously, but it deserves special mention and it’s definitely good for laughs! Click here to view the video.

So what do you think about these applications? Stay tuned for more features!

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Dear fans, firstly, thank you for the overwhelming response on creating videos on SanrioTown.com.

We got a lot of feedback from our valued subscribers base that the recent email sent to them in effect penalizes people who are long time contributers to our community but do not necessarily have the creative ability to generate eye-catching videos.

In retrospect, we realise that even though our intent was not to exclude anyone from the selection process and not to make the selection process dependent on a single item, the email reads as such and we want to apologize for this oversight.

We’ll also be selecting our beta testers from a pool, and entry into that pool has many criteria, including looking at their usage of SanrioTown products, the ability to engage with other users via blog posts, comments, forum posts as well our subscribers who have taken the effort to create such fascinating videos.

So while we will be making extra room for our loyal SanrioTown users, we assure you that the existing applications and video entries will not be affected.

We appreciate all the feedback from our SanrioTown users and look forward to improving the community experience based on your feedback.


Sanrio Community Manager

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