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1st November 2009, Hello Kitty Online threw a birthday bash to mark the 35th birthday for Hello Kitty. The birthday bash was held in London, her birth place. Many players turned up as early as 7pm to camp around London to count down to the birthday party!!!

For those who missed out on this huge party, let us share with you the moments and games which were organized by our nice and friendly Game Masters.



Hmm…this was taken moments before the doors were opened for the party goers attending the Birthday Bash. Look at the crowd!! Everyone is so hyped up and eager for the party!!!Take a look at the screenie. Players are feeling high and excited. High five to you if you are able to spot our Game Masters in this picture!


Party, Party, Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…players were tying furiously in the chat box to get the game masters to commence the birthday celebration. At the stroke of the clock reaching 8PM sharp, our Game Masters started the party with some games and quizzes. The first game was “Hide and Seek” whereby players need to ’seek’ for Hello Kitty and shouting out loud “Happy Birthday Kitty!” in different locations around London to win some awesome prizes!! Gamers were running in all directions trying to find Hello Kitty.


After all the ‘running’ around, gamers were still very energetic. Game Masters moved on to the next “Quiz Bees” whereby players have to guess the correct answers to the tricky quizzes so as to win the big prize of the night. A GIANT PINATA CAKE!! Gamers became even more excited when they saw the piñata. Everyone gathered and got into a big frenzy to break the pinata.

Bang..Bang..Bang…they cracked open the pinata and out flew the special treats for everyone! Hello Kitty was there to join in the fun too. Can you spot her?


Time passed quickly and the birthday bash had to end, all party goers left the party happy and full with goodies ^^

It was a fun filled night with games, prizes and to be able to celebrate Hello Kitty Birthday with her. Big thanks and hugs to all who attended the party!!! See you soon again in Sanrio land.

Alright, not forgetting that even our players who joined have fun too! Below are the feedback and comments made by some of them =)

Misty_Princess - GM’s made a fun Kitty party! It was the best. I loved the prizes they gave to the people. It was so nice and fun, I also like that they brought Hello Kitty to the party. Also how they helped the people that couldn’t got in the pinata room the first time. Thanks GM’s for the awesome party.

Bbegirl - I really appreciated the event and the hard work and effort that went into it, thank you very much for making it fun!

Susan - GM’s really done a great job as it is really hard to manage a super big event with a mass of players! Haha! I think GM’s really got headache asking for attention from ALL the players and keeping everything in order.

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