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A Key Entry

Friday, October 9th, 2009

My Hello Kitty Samurai keychain, bought by a friend years ago in Japan, was getting a wee bit tired. Good thing she has a friend now.

Thank you to lovely Suzy, who saw the Hello Kitty Studious Key Cap at (a fab vintage and “retro indie” website, by the way) and thought of me.

Hello Pretty

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics has a new line of Hello Kitty-branded products. When I walked by a MAC store and saw the display, my head literally swung around for a double take and my legs refused to carry on. Pink and black and Kitty-fied goodness!!

I received the below as belated birthday gifts. (My friends are awesome and know me well!)

By the way, the lipstick itself is embossed with Hello Kitty, but I couldn’t get a good photo of that.

A video promoting the line is totally weird and cool and possibly crossing some sort of line I haven’t decided on yet!

Buckled Up & Deflated

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

A sweet friend of mine picked up this faux Hello Kitty belt buckle for me at a street fair in Brooklyn. It’s cute, but just a bit off in several ways that make her look possibly on the evil side. What do you think?

Meanwhile, I killed the gingerbread. I was attempting to bake above sweet friend and her boyfriend my grandmother’s famed gingerbread with lemon sauce. I perhaps need to rethink my opinion that I have any talent at this.

Should I fill the hole with ice cream?

I’m going to power on and make the sauce, hopefully some of it is salvageable. It’s just, um, not my best work as a baker. I suspect I overbeat it and/or put in too much of some liquid or another. Though it can’t be all my fault. My oven heats at random. I should get an oven thermometer. Or a new kitchen…

Luckily, there is still the possibility that it will taste yummy.

Spirit Lifter

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

When you are feeling blue - on a rainy day, no less - there is nothing like a chance HK find to brighten your day a teeny bit.

Anchors Away

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

I extended my Mode Merr skirt collection today, adding a red anchor skirt to my pink tiki and elephant skirts. My friend models in their fashion show brunch each year, and I always have to pick up something!

Mode Merr Skirts

HK Purse Collection

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I suppose I must prove I belong here every once in awhile.

I have collected these bags of cuteness over the years. Five were gifts, two I bought myself. (Several friends are probably shocked I only own seven.) The majority of the small purses I carry are probably Hello Kitty. Why not, right?

HK purses

I don’t need more (seriously), but I really kind of want this one.