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Park Avenue Kitty

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I was biking the Summer Streets in NYC yesterday (excuse the sweaty photo), and look who I ran into!

Tom sachs' Hello Kitty Statue

This is Wind-Up Hello Kitty, a cast bronze statue by artist Tom Sachs on display in the courtyard of Lever House (Park Avenue and 53rd Street). Sachs’ other works in this exhibit include Miffy and Kitty fountains—water pours from the eyes, which I find a little disturbing—and a 10-foot My Melody sculpture.

From a 5/4/08 NY Times article:

“Even as an artist I get caught up in the grind of running a small business and keeping things going,” Tom Sachs said, discussing a 21-foot-tall bronze Hello Kitty that rises up behind the fountains at Lever House. “This windup Hello Kitty is an expression of how automated my life can feel sometimes. Maybe that’s why she’s the biggest one in the show and looks like she’s about to fall over.”
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Though I don’t know how I feel about “crying” Hello Kitty, it was certainly the cutest rest stop! (In second place came the irresistible kids giving out cupcakes and lemonade, collecting donations for New Orleans. A distant third goes to the mule at the Juan Valdez coffee stop.)