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Buckled Up & Deflated

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

A sweet friend of mine picked up this faux Hello Kitty belt buckle for me at a street fair in Brooklyn. It’s cute, but just a bit off in several ways that make her look possibly on the evil side. What do you think?

Meanwhile, I killed the gingerbread. I was attempting to bake above sweet friend and her boyfriend my grandmother’s famed gingerbread with lemon sauce. I perhaps need to rethink my opinion that I have any talent at this.

Should I fill the hole with ice cream?

I’m going to power on and make the sauce, hopefully some of it is salvageable. It’s just, um, not my best work as a baker. I suspect I overbeat it and/or put in too much of some liquid or another. Though it can’t be all my fault. My oven heats at random. I should get an oven thermometer. Or a new kitchen…

Luckily, there is still the possibility that it will taste yummy.