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Math Cab

I was picked up by this cab one night in Brooklyn. I’d not ever heard of Oleg the “Human Computer” before, but it’s always fun to gain first-hand experience with NYC personalities. He did indeed correctly tell me the day of the week I was born (after giving him the date). Impressive… However, he was a bit overbearing - kind of didn’t want to let us out - and expected an extra-big-fat tip.

Taxi Guy

2 Responses to “Math Cab”

  1. KT Sanctuary Says:

    Hmm that’s kinda freaky, I mean the not-letting-you-out part. But that’s cool, unless there’s a super easy trick to it, he must be a genius~

  2. Says:

    Yikes! That’s why I’d rather take the subway or walk, than deal with overbearing cab drivers!

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