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Brush, Brush, Brush

I bought a new toothbrush. I know, exciting, isn’t it? Oh, but you don’t understand.

Once, long ago, I just used a normal toothbrush. I was puttering along, flossing every day (how I became a true daily flosser is another story…involves a popcorn kernel), thought I was a star of dental hygiene.

Then my mom gave me an Oral-B Plaque Remover as a gift. I was confused - and a little disappointed - at first. She swore it would change my life. I scoffed. I put it in a cabinet.

I charged it up and tried it for kicks one day. And my mother was right. It did change my life.

Know that slightly fuzzy feel to the back of your front teeth? It only goes away after a professional cleaning? Gone. Seriously, you get a fresh-from-the-dentist feeling every day. (In that you have nice, shiny teeth, not that you’re in pain and drooling. You do have to go to the dentist for that.)

My old one died recently, so I went to replace it and realized there are many more options now! It was a hard decision, but I settled on the Oral-B Sonic Complete Deluxe.

It’s got three speeds, a timer, an ergonomic handle, and almost brushes your teeth for you.

It scared me a little at first. It is different from my previous one, and I was a little concerned. The noise it makes led me to wonder if it might be painful. Luckily, it’s not. And after several days of use I’m thinking it pretty much rocks. My teeth feel great, and the timer really is encouraging me to brush all areas of my mouth evenly.

Plus, look how pretty it is!


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  1. shelly rayedeane Says:

    Electric toothbrushes rock! Unless your cat plays with it and knocks it off the shelf and breaks it within the first month of purchasing one (such as my cat did). Ironically, I sent it back to the company and got mailed an even more expensive toothbrush for free because the one I had was no longer in stock.

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