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Bullish On The Year of The OX


I am wearing new underwear today. Marks & Spencer has an ongoing sale and I took the opportunity to grab some new underwear for the Chinese New Year.  It isn’t red and I skipped on the gold embroidery (maybe I’ll get some of those when I turn 48, when I meet my zodiac year again, just in case), but it’s new, and I am starting the year 4706 right.

The first day of the Lunar New Year is a quiet affair today here at home. With Alex in school and A at work, Alphonse, his nannies, and I must wait for them to come home before festivities begin. It’s pretty relaxed here too, after the whirlwind of sweeping, dusting, and washing we did over the last few days. Today, there will be no cleaning for all of us, lest we sweep away some of that New Year luck.

I did my morning run this morning and I was also able to go to mass. This afternoon, I am settling down on the bed for a few lazy hours with Anthony Bourdain and Jon & Kate Plus Eight.  Before I go back to real chores, I think I’d treat myself to this lazy time. I hope you get some lazy time today too, friends.

Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

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