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Lost In Translation

(I’m getting really good with Photoshop, thanks to sites like this where I learn all sorts of cool things.)

A good friend of mine I’ve reconnected with just recently over Facebook sent me a message about the name Okasaneko. I am glad that he shared his thoughts with me; he is, after all, quite fluent in the Japanese language as he took his doctorate studies at the Nagasaki University Medical School in Japan.

Here is what he told me:

“Okasan would translate to Mr. Oka.

“Okaasan (with a long second syllable) would be Mommy, or you could drop the honorific O and just   have Kaasan. Or much easier would be the third person form, HAHA. But HAHANEKO doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it? :)

“Just my 2 cents.”

And here is my reply:

“My tita (aunt) said the exact same thing, but I was going for more of the sound than the spelling. Oka, she says, means “hill,” but in the beginning, when I was starting my blog, everyone (meaning, people I know) read it as o-ka-a-san, with emphasis on the a-a, (read separately as ah-ah with the short a sound) as in a-a-sa-han of Filipino (I will hope). It (Okasan) was just easier on the ears but okaasan is indeed the correct form.

“Oh, at least you know the intent, and you can breathe easy that I do pronounce it with the long second syllable, heehee.

“Just my luck to run into a guy who took graduate studies in Nagasaki! (Actually, he took his doctorate degree there, in molecular virology! What a brain!)

“Thanks a lot! I miss bumping heads with brainy people. :-)


So, now, we know. Everyone, let’s try to read it the correct way so Kittymama does not turn into Mr. Hill- O-ka-sa-ne-ko (prolong the ka, please!).

Once again: O-ka-sa-ne-ko.

Thank you! Have a great Day!

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