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Off With My Head! (Or From Princess To Queen, All In One Day)

For a few minutes yesterday at lunch, I was a queen dressed up in the fashion of Henry VIII’s reign. I should have expected it when the invitation for the advanced screening of HBO’s The Tudors landed on my hands. It was just the kind of kooky and fun thing the creative people behind Virtusio Public Relations would have up their sleeve. And really, as a  prelude to the screening, it was a perfect way to break the ice with a group of journalists.

I had some misgivings at first with the heavy period costume, with its faux fur collar and sleeves, layers of petticoats, and heavy satin lining; besides, I did not relish the idea of dressing up, only to be decapitated. :-) After a while, however, I started to enjoy the lavishness and outrageousness of the costume. I mean, how often in one’s life does one get the chance to be a queen, if only for a few minutes? Before I knew it, I felt immensely royal and, ehrm, queenly. I was also seized with this sudden urge  to command people around.

“Let them eat cake!” I wanted to scream. (Oops, I channeled the wrong queen; that’s Marie Antoinette.*) 

“I will make you shorter by the head!” (Still the wrong queen; that’s Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. I am a history nut.)

I was brought back to earth when I was introduced to the wonderful Ms. Karen Lai, Director for Communications for HBO. Over a sumptuous repast, I also had the privilege to exchange a few thoughts with Mr. Romy Virtusio, the man himself, the force behind Virtusio Public Relations. He is a thoroughly engaging man, with a quick wit and a very unassuming manner that makes one feel instantly at home with him.

After lunch, we headed to the theater, free popcorn and drinks in hand. We were shown the first two episodes of The Tudors and I must say that despite some awfully large liberties with history, this series is sure to catch the public’s imagination. Too bad they only have it on HBO Signature for now (starts September 10). I think I’ll ask A to buy for me the complete first season boxed set at Amazon (retails $20.99) so I don’t have to wait while Skycable Platinum finds its way into my area.

In the league of Henry’s Queens? 

The wives of King Henry VIII plus one: Queen’s photos from http://www.eriding.net/media/tudors.shtml#3a

At the end of the screening, we were asked to vote which of the people who had their pictures taken as King or Queen would be awarded King Henry and Queen Anne (Boleyn) for the day. Votes for the King were unanimous, but the Queens slugged it out neck and neck. Alas, I should have voted for myself because I lost by only one point. Boohoo! 

Still, I have have no regrets. When I got home late afternoon, I still felt very much like a Queen, surrounded by a retinue of gorgeous men (three, to be exact, heehee) who obeyed my every beck and call. Pondering upon the fates of Henry VIII’s queens, I realized, however, that perhaps I must exercise more discretion with all the commanding and summoning and beckoning that I do. For indeed, the last thing I want is suffer a tragic fate like this:

photo of headless Anne Boleyn doll from http://joycestahl.blogspot.com/2008/05/ghosts-and-pumpkins.html (Go visit this very creative, if a little morbid, site!)

For more gruesomely fascinating photos of decapitated Queen dolls, visit www.headlesshistoricals.com.


A thirty-second history lesson: “Let them eat cake!” is a statement often attributed to Marie Antoinette in the days leading to the French Revolution, but historical scrutiny has shown that this came from French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his autobiographical book Confessions which was written in 1766. And in 1766, Marie Antoinette was only 10 years old, certainly too young to be married to Louis XVI. 

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  1. angelchao4:hellokitty.com Says:

    You look beautiful :) But it so sad how Henry mercilessly beheaded his wives. Antoinette married at a waaaay to young age!

  2. okasaneko:hellokitty.com Says:

    Thank you, dear Angie! :-)

  3. alpha7:hellokitty.com Says:

    That’s so great to dress up and just be someone else for the day. Maybe you should go to conventions. *wink wink*

    Yes, am thinking of cosplay actually and coming in as hello kitty. *wink* ~♥Kittymama

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