A Tubby Tabby, Three Konekos, and a Life with Hello Kitty and Autism

Blown Away

I’m listening to Daughtry over iTunes right now, trying to relive the hype and buzz of a Daughtry concert. A and I were at the Eastwood Central Plaza last night to catch Daughtry’s one-night performance. While A and I are normally not rock-loving people (well, just the Guitar Hero-rockin’ kind, ahem), we both enjoy Daughtry’s music, and well, let’s just say that last night was a good excuse as any to rock out with the best of them.

We got to Eastwood at quarter of eight. Traffic was bad at the Libis area; it took us over 45 minutes to navigate the stretch of road from Katipunan Avenue to Eastwood City. With barely 15 minutes left before the concert started, we found a nifty parking spot, jumped from the car, and made it just in time to check out if we were late. And not having enough time for a decent sit-down dinner, we settled for the nearest fastfood diner nearest the venue (KFC- and oops, my mind is going in a different track now, but has anyone noticed how their logo of the Colonel is different than the other KFCs?), swallowed without chewing much (let the stomach acids do all the work, ouch!), and rushed back to to claim our seats in the VIP section at 8:05 p.m. I silently berated myself for being five minutes late as I sat down to a still almost-empty section. Tsk…tsk…tsk…


(8:45 pm, just passing the time)

The concert started late, as always; then again, when has a concert in our country ever started on time? I was a little miffed; plastic seats are not known to come in friendly orthopedic styles and are not exactly kind to behinds. Also, I could have used the extra hour to order real food. I could have even done with more chewing. Still, when the lights went down, all thought of sore butts, aching joints, and growling tummies were laid to rest. It was time to rock!