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I Didn’t Know Buying Online Would Yield A Friend

Package from ViviI’m new to the local online buying scene and before this, I’ve only had one dealing with a very good seller, Ms. Shirley A, who I now consider a friend. But because I meet up with her, I was still a little wary about online sellers. Having done my very first official business with Ms. Vivi, I am very happy that not only was I satisfied with my purchase, I got to meet such a lovely person along the way. Alphonse loves this Hello Kitty timer!Package with freebiesVivi\'s yummy cinnamon sugar cookies (last one left!)

Thanks, Vivi!

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  1. speedy3223:hellokitty.com Says:

    well that’s great. :) it’s rare that you get to make good friends via the internets, much less via dealing with business over the net.

    I know, I’ve been kinda lucky (crosses fingers). So far, I’ve limited my dealings with repeat purchases from these same good people so I’m hoping I don’t run into the bad eggs. Still, you really have to take a chance on people, online or not. I still believe in man’s innate goodness… or am I just being naive? ~♥Kittymama

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