A Tubby Tabby, Three Konekos, and a Life with Hello Kitty and Autism

See With New Eyes

This is Alphonse. All of 13 years old, he is a handsome young man who makes girls swoon with his movie star features.


He’s an active fellow. He likes to walk a lot, sometimes deep in thought, as if pondering on the problems of the world. Other times, he can’t contain himself and he gallops, arms waving wildly, smiling broadly for the world to see.

He likes to play with bubbles. (So do I!) He’s rather lazy when it comes to writing. He hates to color, though he does like a lot of splashy colors in his clothes. His favorite color is pink. (Mine too!) He digs Hello Kitty, making him my best friend in our home.

While he has a soft spot for Kitty, he is all boy, too. He likes rough horseplay with his brother. When big brother wrestles with him, he squeals like a little girl. Big brother teases him endlessly until Alphonse gets even by sticking a wet finger in Kuya’s ear.  

He likes smells of all sorts. Ehrm, even the nasty ones (think earwax).  :-) But he absolutely loves the scent of chocolate baking.    

Like many teenagers, he can spend an entire day watching movies. He hates horror stuff though. Musicals and cartoons never fail to capture his interest.

He loves music, too. In fact, the iPod is his new best friend. His favorite song: Miracle Child from Joseph King of Dreams. (Is he telling us something there?) Sometimes, though, he makes us all laugh by plugging his ears with his brother’s cellphone strap.

Outside our home, he loves watching trees sway in the wind. He looks at the clouds and squints to see shapes and lights. He waits expectantly for rain everyday; rain makes him smile. But don’t ever let him near a tree as he is totally enamored with falling leaves. Too bad if the leaves are still intact as he plucks them out gently one by one till he makes a soft pile to kick and jump on. You should hear his laughter then.  

He smiles a lot. When he does, our knees buckle with tender admiration for this gorgeous boy. In return, he teases us a lot.

     “Are you a boy?” No (serious mien)