A Tubby Tabby, Three Konekos, and a Life with Hello Kitty and Autism

A Quick Peek Into My “Accidental Life”

This is my response to Teacher Julie’s tag on Seven Things About Me.  

1.  As a child, I was enamored with the idea of being a physician in service of others.  As an adult, I chose life as a 24/7 stay-at-home mom, a full time Inang Yaya, if you please (mommy and nanny in an all-in-one! new-and-improved! convenient packaging) in service of a much smaller community of men: my family. No regrets there.

Kittymama transformation

2. Writing has always been a lifelong passion but I stumbled into it as a serious vocation only when BusinessWorld (yes, the business paper, where a newspaper is a public trust) launched its first ezine called Outpost. I’ve been writing in ezines since 1998; I received the privilege of writing for the arts and leisure pages of BW in 2005.

3.  I became a teacher when special schools in the city turned down my son. With nowhere to go and no hope in sight, I assumed the role of teacher/motivator/advocate for my son with autism. Today, we have a homeschooling program run by professionals, but I still teach my son. These are the moments I look forward to in a day.

Teacher Kittymama

4.   Growing up, my best friends were always boys. I went to Maryknoll (now Miriam College) for grade school, and aside from the only girl who befriended me there, my best friend was a boy from neighboring Ateneo de Manila. Even when I left Maryknoll to attend a different high school (where Megamom was my classmate), he remained my best friend for many years. 

miss J stillSadly, he passed away in a tragic car accident in 1984, a few months short of high school graduation. He would have graduated valedictorian of Ateneo High School Batch 1985. Sigh. I miss him still.

5. happy in love My best-est friend in high school was also a boy. I married him. Given another chance at life, I’d still marry him. In a heartbeat.

6.  The Abominable Snowman  Now that Megamom has opened that sticky can of worms codenamed The Abominable Snowman, it is safe to disclose that Megamom and I were “involved” with the same boy in high school (not A). Una siya, me next, then back to her, then to me. (Loose translation: First it was her, then it was my turn, then he went back to her, and then back to me.) He was obviously a very confused soul. 

Those were probably some of the most foolish years of my life. (Remind me to share a story I wrote called “Surviving Mr. Wrong.”) Still, I don’t regret any of those stupid, stupid years. Allow me to quote Barbra Streisand’s song “On My Way To You” as I think of those years in this perspective,

If I had changed a single day/what went amiss or went astray/ I may have never found my way to you/I would not change a thing  that happened/on my way to you.”

I found my way to A, alright.

7. I have had weight issues since I was a little girl. I was lightest at birth (I weighed as much as three apples, oops, my mistake, that’s hello kitty’s weight! I was 7.3 lbs when I came beaming into this world.) and apparently, I have not looked back since. I was heaviest when I was pregnant with Alphonse (seven months of complete bed rest + unrestrained eating = Jabba the Hutt) when I tipped the scales at over 250 lbs. (I can’t tell you exactly how much because I couldn’t see the scale anymore.) Now my weight hovers somewhere between the two. Don’t guess. Hehe. It’s all in the face, dahling.

hello kitty fat meter

Current weight: JUST RIGHT

8.  confused and dizzy I started blogging as therapy after Alphonse’s last major meltdown. This keeps me sane.

I went beyond the prescribed seven, Teacher Julie; I hope you don’t mind. I would’ve added more but let me whet your tastebuds for more “indecent” revelations (don’t I wish my life was that colorful!) of an otherwise zany, crazy,