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Tag Virgin No More

I’ve been tagged! 

I went online today after five days of self-avowed, tech-free living, only to find that I’ve been tagged twice in my absence. The first is Megamom’s question of corporal punishment; the second is Teacher Julie’s seven things about me. These are my first two tags ever (yehey!) and I am happy and eager to answer them. (They’ll make two separate posts.) :-)

Some questions nag me though.

Am I required to tag other people? I only have two personal friends in BlogWorld; does that mean that I have to tag people I don’t know? And if I have to tag seven people (as in the case of Teacher Julie’s seven things) and I know only two, can I tag them 3-1/2 times each? (Hoho!)

The mysteries of tagging deepen.

One Response to “Tag Virgin No More”

  1. Mimmy Says:

    It’s me again!^^

    Sisters do share everything.


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