A Tubby Tabby, Three Konekos, and a Life with Hello Kitty and Autism

Hurricane In Our Hands


Posted December 20, 2004 at HerWord.com, this is an excerpt from A Blessing in Disguise, one of my favorite stories about my son Alphonse.

 Alphonse is proof that you can’t hold a hurricane in your hands. Why we never learn is something that surprises me, even after all these years.

December 7 was the much-awaited stage debut of our son. It was the first time in years that he would be part of something big and something as important as a school play. This was an important test of all the skills he has acquired and mastered this year.

We’ve never had Alphonse try out for anything like this before. We were afraid to push him and make him do more than he could because he can sense disappointment keenly. In a sense, we did not want him to rush and open his wings fully, lest he clip them on the rise and fall fast from the sky. We worried that his buoyant spirit might get hurt irreparably, just as we were afraid that having him near so many children could trigger an outburst or, worse, a regression.

Still, despite our initial reluctance, we bravely stood by and let his teachers teach him his parts for the play. For most Saturdays of the past two months, we accompanied him to the practice venues and watched hopefully as his teachers whisked him with his co-actors to perform their parts in secrecy. We were kept in the dark on what the play would be about. We knew very little about our son’s parts, save for the fact that he needed to be dressed up as a Roman soldier. Piecing together some clues along the way, we later added to our fount of knowledge. To our amusement, Alphonse was to portray the role of a Roman soldier during the time of Jesus.

My husband feigned protest, but he was more than too happy to see Alphonse in any role. He said if Alphonse was to be a Roman soldier, then he would make sure that his son was the best-dressed soldier in all of make-believe Jerusalem! Trooping to a fabrics market one bright and early Saturday morning, my husband and I went from stall to stall in search of the perfect materials. I had researched on the Internet days before and I designed a wearable, comfortable co