A Tubby Tabby, Three Konekos, and a Life with Hello Kitty and Autism

The Third Post

If I thought that the first post was difficult, then I was wrong. The Third Post is undoubtedly the hardest single thing I’ve written in a while.

Unlike many bloggers who can’t contain their desire to express their thoughts and feelings, I did not want to instantly overwhelm anyone visiting this site with my personal stories. Indeed, I had written a few articles over the last few weeks about my life’s adventures, (they’re published somewhere out there, I won’t tell for now) but I felt that I had to withhold a part of me until such time I felt more comfortable sharing who I am. For now, I am content to store my words in my journal, waiting for the time when they will be allowed to wander freely the highways of the Internet.

What I really wanted to write about first was my enduring love for Hello Kitty (and the forgivable and short-lived Keroppi obsession of my college days, but the confessions will have to come later). I also wanted to upload photos of my old Kitty collection from 1976-1980, remnants of a large, if unwieldy, collection. Yet, somehow, I couldn’t get started on this. As I write this, “In My Kitty World” (which was supposed to be The third post) remains unedited and untouched in my drafts box, and I’ve still no idea when I’ll get around to it.

Yes, like many of our Sanriotown friends, I admit I am a Kitty-holic. I have been since I was nine. And even now that I’ve entered the glorious era of my middle-aged years, I still love Hello Kitty. Mostly, however, I have to put a rein on what I spend for (got to think of my boys first!) so I purchase useful Hello Kitty items such as bags, shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, the occasional underwear in plus-sizes (ahem), linens, home décor, and bathroom accessories. (I’ve had to stop at kitchen appliances because my husband and I couldn’t agree on that one. He got me a cast iron pan, ice trays, spice jars, and some spoons, but nothing electrical.)

  Kitty On The Side (Or How My Nightstand Looks)

Our bedrooms used to be liberally decorated with Hello Kitty until my husband and sons asked for a reprieve. And so, we’ve all compromised. My half of the room is my personal space, with Hello Kitty dolls adorning the landscape of my private haven. My side table has a HK lamp, the angel HK telephone, a HK alarm clock, and a HK coaster (for my HK stainless steel mug).  On the side of my bed is my HK wooden CD rack, a woven HK basket to contain my personal effects (HK watch and jewelry), a HK cosmetic hard case, a HK egg-shaped tissue holder, and an old HK binder, circa 1989, to hold my published articles.

I also have a rather extensive Kitty bag collection. I stopped buying other brands when it became clear to me that I was never content with any of them and switching bags every day was getting tiring and annoying. Besides, while I can’t fault people for buying counterfeit designer bags (some of them do look quite lovely), I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned money on them when I could buy original Hello Kitty bags for almost the same amount, if just a little more. And so I frequent Sanrio Shops frequently and wherever I go, so much so that I have had a Kitty discount card for a couple of years now.

I’ve wanted to purchase the Kitty cellular phones for quite some time but until they come out with a Nokia, a Sony Ericsson or even a Kitty iPhone, I’d feel much safer sticking to my reliable mobile phones. Of course, they come with pink Kitty cases, downloaded with the Hello Kitty theme song and HK wallpapers.  

My friends all give me Kitty gifts. So do my husband and sons. I’ve been blessed with an extremely loving family who understand my great need for all things Hello Kitty, even when I don’t have a daughter to bequeath my collection to. Were it not for the fact that I have to share this space called our home with three men, I would not have second thoughts about indulging my Kittymania.

And ending with this, The Third Post didn’t seem too hard at all. Ah, I really do have to get started on the pictures.

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