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Oh. My. God. Go look at the top players in Sanriotown Block Battles. I am NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year I want a total h-k theme for my Sweet Sixteen. ^_^ Like, majorly. I want a hello kitty pizza and everything (yes, there IS a way to make hello kitty pizza.)

It’s going to be such a blast planning. I’m excited. Who cares that my birthday isn’t until november 1?

Heh. I’m so lucky my birthday is the same day as kittys birthday is. I swear, we could be twins! Except, you know… she’s a cat. Ah well. Have a wonderful holiday everyone. Seacrest outtttt.



Going to my boyfriend’s house.

He’s cooler than your boyfriend.

Because he has a sanriotown account too.

So HA!

His account is faceyourfears@hellokitty.com

You should all bombard him with emails telling him how rad he is and how lucky his girlfriend is. ^_^

&&& we’re going to watch my Hello Kitty and friends video today.

DOUBLE cool with knobs, I tell you.



Amazing song by a band not too far from where I live…they’re from¬†Longbeach, CA. Anyways, I just wanted other people to hear this. Their music is so good.

I can really feel December… it is cold as ice in my house, and, as you all know by now, I live in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Aren’t we not supposed to have winters? I mean… seeing a palm tree while you’re freezing cold is kind of confusing.




I meant 466


Oh! pwned!

Look who’s got 685 rank at Pochacco crazy marbles!

Hello, faithful readers (pshyeahright)

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. My boyfriend came over last night. I really do love him. Hm. Life is going to be weird, moving to Michigan. Ah well. Stay tuned for more of my fabulous life.



I got my cell phone back (finally).

Hm… go figure that in December what I really want to do is go swimming. I have THE most AH-dorable swimsuit. It’s hello kitty (duh)

Heh… This picture was back when my boobs were a LOT smaller. xD

Anyways, please don’t steal this picture. I find it awkward enough that I’m in a bathing suit, but I wanted you all to see how cute it is.
A-ah-ah, no stealing!

One small misunderstanding can light an emotional fire in your heart.

It’s like a candle toppled over by one of your cats.

It’s nobody’s fault, but no matter what you do, your house is burnt to the ground.

He did nothing.

He really, truly loves me.

And I love him.

I guess so lives the steryotype that teens overreact to everything.

I don’t think that’s true.

I think we are hormonally unbalanced, and have a much larger capacity for care and understanding than we know what to do with.

love & lipgloss


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