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YAY! Now I have two jobs!

February 21st, 2008 by

So I went to my job interview today! They had us sit in this room with a lot of computers in it and we took two different tests on the computers. Then, if you passed the tests you got to take an interview with one of the managers.I passed the tests then I talked to this manager and she asked me all of these questions about my current job. She was impressed and I think I got the job. She handed me this form and directions to a clinic where they check you for drugs. So I had to go urinate in a cup (ew) and I know that I’m going to pass. So I’m assuming that when they get the results that I passed the test back, that they’ll hire me. She told me that the training starts on March 3! So I’m very excited. I told the Naples store that I wouldn’t be able to be there any more starting that day and I’m really sad because I love that store. Francis, the assistant manager there is so sweet. I hate to leave her there alone because February 29 is supposed to be the only other employee’s last day. Then my last day is the third of March.

And about the last post of mine, just ignore it. I have a feeling that Juanita_12 is only twelve years old and it’s not worth trying to reason with someone so young about commenting blogs. She’s probably just a bored little girl much like my younger sister who runs her blog just to keep track of all the things she likes and she probably just wants people to go to it so she can make new friends. It was a bit out of line for me to call her out like that, but I do hate those copy & paste comments so freaking much! They’re the most annoying things ever! But to you Juanita, if you’re reading this I’m not gonna say anything else about you, although I do not feel like I need to apologize because I didn’t say anything really bad or untrue about you and your blog.

Any how, I’m going to call the place I think I just got hired tomorrow to see if they got the results from the clinic, and what the status of my pending application is… or however I’m going to word it.

I have to work in the Naples store tonigh, boo! Then I have to open there in the morning tomorrow. So I will get off work 9:30 pm tonight, then get home around 10:30 pm. I will probably get to bed around 11:00 pm. Then I have to wake up at 7:00 am, get ready and be at work by 9:30 am tomorrow. Booo!

But tomorrow night I’m going to a partay with my cousin! Woot! I’m so excited to get out and actually do something! It seems like it’s been so long since I went out and had fun. It has been so long. It’s been about a year and a half now.

Thank you sososo much for reading! Do have a great day!


Something that I hate more than real peoples’ copy & paste comments are business’s copy & paste comments! You, Ms. Bitch who commented this blog, did not get to this blog from Google! And if you did you must have googled, “Alyse Parson’s boring old life.” Which you didn’t. Ugh.

Jobs Flying At Me Left and Right;; A fight with the boyfriend, too

February 19th, 2008 by

I’ll start with the bad news. My boyfriend and I got in this big stupid fight last night, and for no real reason either!

See, when I left for work yesterday, I asked him to put my clothes away after the dryer was done running. He said he would, but when I came home, all my clothes were in the dryer still and completely wrinkled. So I got a bit upset. He went into completely defensive mode and made me cry. Then I just asked him to come to bed, and I guess he thought I was nagging at him, so he picked up his keys and left. He was gone for almost a half hour… He went and drove up and down the interstate.

I overreacted, I’ll admit, because I did yell at him just because my jeans were wrinkled, when I just could have put them back in the dryer for fifteen minutes and that would have fixed it.

Well, we made up and we’re still completely in love. I just get really bitchy once a month, you know? Time to break out the Midol.

In better news, I applied for a million and a half jobs the other day on Career Builder. And I got two calls back! One is for a marketing firm (ew) and one is for Comcast Support. I’d answer phone calls about peoples’ cable getting shut off and temporary lapses in service mostly. I’m glad that I might be getting the job though. I go to the interview Thursday. They start out at $10.75/hour which is perfect for me.

I’ve been working in the Naples Things Remembered for about a week now. I’ve helped the assistant manager there with the new floorset, and she’s so nice. I hope that if I do get the job at Comcast, that they won’t be starting a new training class for a few weeks, so the Naples store can get a few new employees. The only other employee there besides the assistant only has one week left, then she’s moving out-of-state. I would feel so bad if I was forced to leave that store in such disarray. Their manager just up-and-left her job one day without any notice at all. So I have to drive two hours every day just to go there and take care of the store she left behind. It’s bullshit! I don’t care what type of little personal problems she’s having (rumor is she’s going to see her husband who kicked her out of her house years ago) it’s not worth leaving a company you’ve been with for so long right in the middle of a floorset and while you only have one other employee there.

Any how, wish me luck in my interview for Thursday. Now I’m going to bed because I’m completely exhausted from work today. I worked nine and a half hours straight, without food or a break. I can’t wait until I leave Things Remembered! I love the store, so when I do find a full time job, I may stay on at Things Remembered part time. Maybe five to ten hours a week there.

And if you don’t even know what Things Remembered is, then you should seriously go check out their website. They actually have some really neat gifts.

I made a pair of earrings! You can too!

February 17th, 2008 by

Throughout this entire post, if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, scroll all the way to the end of the post. The picture of my final product is there. If that still doesn’t point out what I meant, comment me and say so. I want to know how I can be better at writing tutorials so I can help you more often. Thanks!

I was at my parent’s house today and I was bored. So I went to the craft store and I bought some supplies:

  • Some sterling silver jump rings

    Jump Rings

  • Some sterling silver earring hooks

    Earring Hooks

  • Some sterling silver eye pins. I only got 1″ pins, these are probably 1.5-2″ pins though.

    eye pins

  • Some white Sculpey (or other polymer clay)


Some other items you’ll need to make some earrings like I did, that I didn’t buy are:

  • A ceramic tile to cook the earrings on because you shouldn’t put Sculpey on a cookie sheet you will later use for food.


  • Some acrylic paints. Any kind will do.


  • Some glossy varnish. This is my favorite brand:


  • Of course, some paint brushes so you can put the paint and varnish on. I use high-quality red sable fur brushes, but you can sacrifice the quality but be sure to get small brushes for the details!


  • Some super glue. Again, my favorite brand is below.


  • Sculpting tools are always a good to have around. However you can use some old kitchen utensils. Just don’t use them for food afterward!


  • And you’ll also need two pairs of needle-nose pliers.


  • Last, but not least, a pair of dikes. That is, diagonal wire cutters.

    Wire Cutters

And those are your supplies. I chose all sterling silver hardware because I’m allergic to nickel, so my ear would turn green if it wasn’t sterling silver.

Next you’ll have to decide on what you’re going to sculpt the clay into! I chose to do the Mario Mushroom!


If you want to go ahead with your own design, I recommend that you at least draw out a thumbnail of how you want your finished product to look. It’s a good idea to keep the finished earrings in mind all the way through the project.

So go ahead and do what you have to do to sculpt the clay into how you need it. For the mushroom, first I made two very small, nearly flat cylinders and put two dots in them for the eyes. Then I made a half-circle dome for the top and I rounded off the bottom. Then I used a circular tool to make indents where the circles would be. This is the part where you get to use your creativity! Just keep in mind that on the very top, you’ll want a little bit of space, because that’s where your eye pins will go.

Also, you don’t want to make the design very complicated because you will have to sculpt two matching earrings. Unless you are an expert at sculpting, I would try to keep from doing loud, spectacular designs until you’ve practiced more.

After you have your earrings sculpted, cut the eye pins to an appropriate length, using the diagonal wire cutters. Then, push them into the top of your clay charms. Place the charms on your tile and cook them in the oven according to the instructions on the package.

Once they’re finished, it’s time to get out your paints and brushes. Paint them in a pleasing color scheme, or matching whatever design you chose. Apply several layers so your color is bold and bright!

Next pull out the eye pins and apply a bit of super glue to the ends of them and push them back in. Keep in mind the way that they are facing so you don’t end up with the front of your earring off to the side.

Leave them alone for a few hours. Watch a movie, or better yet, get a second pair of earrings started!

Next, holding the bottom portion of your earrings, apply a generous amount of the gloss varnish to the top half. Let those sit for another few hours.

After that, holding the top part of the earrings this time, apply varnish to the bottom half. Try to apply the same amount that you did on the top. Place the earring’s upside down so they can dry.

NOTE: If your earrings are not going to stay upside down, you can thread the loop in the eye pin through a string and hang the string from a lamp or something while it dries so it won’t touch anything. You won’t want to put both earrings on the same string though because you do not want them to touch, they’ll dry sticking together!

After the earrings are done drying, they will be shiny and look like plastic. Now you will need to open two of your jump rings. The proper way to open a jump ring is by twisting the two ends away from each other with pliers, rather than stretching them apart.

Opening a jump ring

On your jump ring you will attach your earring hook and your charm. Close up the jump ring and admire! If your earring is backwards (whoops) just open the ring back up and take off your charm and flip it around!

Do the same with the other jump ring and your charm and last hook! Now you have a pair of earrings. Here’s how mine turned out:


I’ll just post that one, because the other one is identical to it!

I hope this helps you if you want to make a pair of earrings for yourself! Post comments on how I could make this little tutorial any better.

simulators which are called video games

February 16th, 2008 by

HAHA! This is regarding Jack Thompson’s statements on Fox News about the unfortunate NIU shooting. Whenever a shooting happens, I think Jack just has himself a mini-orgasm because he gets to blame video games. I’m set out to figure out, exactly why he has such an extreme hatred of them. Anyhow, these killing simulators are what school shooters “train” on, according to Jack Thompson. And he said all this before even knowing whether the shooter had ever pressed the “A” button. What poppycock!

Here’s to you, Jack Thompson… You make a bajillion more dollars a year than I do, and you’re a bajillion times stupider than me. But I’m still way cuter than you!

Well, I’m off to train on my new killing simulator which is called a video game. Maybe I’ll get to shoot an idiot lawyer this time!

Work Sucks

February 16th, 2008 by

So I work at Things Remembered #412, Fort Myers, FL. I suppose that the manager for #429, Naples, FL, quit so now they are short an employee. That store is an hour away from my house, but they want me, out of all the other stores in the region, to go to work there. I don’t know what’s so special about me? I just got in trouble for counting out the cash in my drawer early a few nights before closing.

So now, I was supposed to go to a party tonight and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. And I was supposed to go to my aunt’s house before that, and that’s not going to happen either. But they are paying me forty cents for every mile I drive, and my car only uses sixteen of those cents per mile, so I’m going to have a little bit of extra money. And on top of that, I’m getting more hours. So, honestly I’m grateful for that.

I just wish that I didn’t have to go to work tonight, of all the nights in the world. I may still go to the party. You’ll know tomorrow because if I do, there will be a picture entry!

I hate how life just throws shit at you all the time. Am I allowed to say ’shit’ on Hello Kitty’s adorably juvenile website? If I get yelled at by Sanrio moderators then I guess I’ll find out, right?

Heh, thanks for reading this boring old post.

Copyright Infringement on HKOnline?

February 15th, 2008 by

So today the folks over at Hello Kitty announced that there were new screenshots! A devoted fan had no choice but to look at every single one. While I was there however, I noticed something that caught my eye. The copyrighted symbol that belongs to DC Comics.

Superman In HKOnline

Hm, now how do we explain this? It’s found on this screenshot right from the official website. And it’s undeniably an exact copy! And their little person there even is wearing blue with a red cape on! Now let’s compare:

Actual Superman Symbol

Well, this girl’s convinced that it’s the same symbol. And comparing the little guy to the actual Superman, even the hairstyle on the little person is exact compared to the real Muscle Man!

Superman in Action

Note the curl in the hair smack in the middle of the forehead. A question for Sanrio Digital: Is Hello Kitty Online sponsored by DC? Or is this just a case of artistic influence?

Aw! I got flowers!

February 15th, 2008 by

Yay! My boyfriend got me flowers for Valentine’s Day! Even though I got them a day late… And since they were a day late, well… They weren’t everyone’s first choice. So I got all that was left over. Since I’m pretty good at flower arranging and cleaning up though, this is what I actually ended up with:

Valentines Day Flowers

Lol! In the background on the left you can see a My Little Pony I’m working on. I’ve been working on rehairing her forever! I’m making her for my boyfriend! That’s my Vista pony. I’ll post pictures once I have her finished!

Any how, I think the bouquet turned out pretty darn good, considering that it was just 12 wilted buds with way too many leaves when I started out. I did a french spiral bouquet, which I learned how to do from this YouTube video!

And my boyfriend also wrote me this really long note filled with things like,

“I can’t take Advil because it makes my lip swell up. I can’t write poetry because I can’t rhyme. I can’t bake because I always burn the cookies.”

And at the very end it says, “I can’t tell you how much I love you because it’s too much for this page.”

It was very sweet, and he doesn’t do ANYTHING sweet! It made me almost cry.

Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, 2008 by

So, since it is Valentine’s Day… Which in my post before this, I completely forgot! I decided that I would show everyone everything that I got for my wonderful boyfriend:

Firt, I got him this computer mouse that I got from where I work: Things Remembered!

Computer Mouse

I engraved it for him! It’s perfect because he really loves computers and he’s always doing all these geeky little computer-related things! But the mouse is too small for gaming, so we did the cool thing and taped it to the monitor…

Then I baked him these home-made peanut butter cookies:

Heart-Shaped Peanut Butter Cookies

They were so much fun to make! Even though shaping them like that, without a cookie cutter, was very difficult! It was completely worth all the work, and he loved them!

The last, and best, thing that I got for him was this partly-filled scrap book:

The Disney World Page

This page is from Disney World. He took me there for my birthday! It’s only partly-filled because we’re still going to fill it with things we do! It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given because I even wrote him some very sappy entries.

Movie Tickets

And this is only one page of the movies we’ve seen together. I’ve saved up every movie ticket since we’ve started dating a year and two months ago. So there are quite a few pages like this in the book!

I can’t wait to start filling up the rest of the book! I think our next page will be Valentine’s Day, 2008!

Oh yeah, and what he got me: See, he’s not so good at the whole lovey-dovey thing, and he always buys me video games for Valentine’s Day. So he bought me Drawn To Life. It’s a video game where you get to draw your character and other objects in the world. It’s actually pretty fun and I admit that I did ask for it for Valentine’s Day. And since he had to work today, he said that next time we go out, he’s buying me late-Valentine’s-Day flowers. It’s not like he can pick them up after work or anything, he works until midnight. /sadface.

I hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day! And Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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