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What I learned on my tech ride-along!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Last Tuesday we had to go on a tech ride-along at work. For those of you who don’t know, I work as a telephone customer service representative for Comcast Cable Co. And I thought this was something very interesting that I learned that nobody else will find interesting. But if you have cable in your house go ahead and look behind your TV for a white cord going from your cable box to your wall (or from your TV to your wall, or it could go through a VCR or DVD Player, etc)… Anyhow this is called a coaxial cable and it usually looks something like this:

Anyhow, most of the techs have 600+ feet of this white cable in their truck at all times and they have some useful tools to make these. I learned how to make these cords at any length during my tech ride-along. I also got to see the tech troubleshoot in some beautiful homes along the beach, but I found this much more interesting! Maybe it’s because I got to make the cords. Here’s the tools used to make these:

 So first you take your wire cutters and cut a length of the coaxial cable. Next you have to use the specialized stripper for your RG6 cable to strip away the outer sheath from the cable and the metal inner sheath a little bit higher than that. And above that you’ll want only the copper wire showing through. RG6 is just a size of coax wire. It’s the most commonly used for cable indoors.

So after you have both ends of your cable you need to fold back the metal part so only the white is showing. Next push an F-Connector over the wire so that the inside is flush with the white part on the cable. Next slide the F-Connector on the cable into the connector compressor (if that’s what it’s actually called) and cramp it all together and repeat on the other side of the cable.

Now you have your customized coax cable! No, I don’t expect anyone to actually do this, I just felt that I hadn’t written in here for far too long.

Get Hello Kitty car gear on eBay!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Ever wanted to have a car decked out in Hello Kitty things? Well I’m going to be buying this car in a few months:


And I would love to have it Hello Kitty-fied. But I also wanted to know how much I would be spending on decorations for it so I made this list of accessories I may buy and what eBay sales people currently have them. The first price is the actual Buy-It-Now price and the second price is the shipping. Also, after the item name is the username of the seller! So if you want to, you can go and take a look at these things, too! =D


Hello Kitty decal…signcuts $3.99+$0.00

Hello Kitty neck wrests…han99cn $12.50+$10.00

Hello Kitty air freshener…peterjmarr $5.99+$6.99

Hello Kitty exhaust pipe…acuteshop_online $39.00+$28.00

Hello Kitty floor mats…sjcfire1 $34.98+$19.50

Hello Kitty visor organizer…ddfh939 $9.99+$11.00

Hello Kitty gear shift handle…ionlythinkofyou $9.99+$9.99

Hello Kitty seat belt pads…click4itnow $3.50+$8.50

Hello Kitty license plate cover…Csgraphics $14.99+$5.00

Hello Kitty steering wheel cover…Japan_Bargain $29.99+$7.50