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They are all FB…

With all these different HKO versions I got confused. What happened to the Founders’ Beta? Is it still in development? Is it replaced by these versions? Where are our characters? And our beloved GM’s? So I finally sent a mail to onlinegame@hellokitty.com in hopes of finding some answers.

Today I had received my reply:


Thank you for sending your concerns.  The HKO Founders Beta version was the
development phase of the game. All released versions now basically are the
developed versions of Founders Beta. For every region, there is an official
HKO publisher. More features and updates will be released soon so stay tuned
in our official site and blog. :)

Best regards,
Team HKO”

So I guess the characters are gone. No need to be keeping that client then, it won’t be easy to delete though. No word on the GM’s but as all GM’s on HKO Europe seems to be new I guess they either got new jobs or new ingame names they won’t reveal.

And I can’t keep an eye on the official site as they just send me on to the HKO Eu site. I hope they post it all on the blog then.

So now there is the question of which version to play. I’m already playing HKO Eu and will probably always at least have a character on it. But my guildies and friends, where are you? What I hear the most are HKO NA, so I’ll be downloading that tonight I think. Hopefully I can find you all there. Won’t be doing any quests until I am promised no character swipe though, don’t have the patience to go through them all over and over.

European HKO Artwork

I was looking at the Artwork on the European HKO website. There was a lot of pretty stuff there that made me very impatient to see the finished product. For instance, this dress:

paris girl

I simply love it! They pinkified that old style of dresses that I love so much. What more could I want? Well maybe a magic farm indoors?

crystal farm

*content sigh*

I’ve got mail!

This is really late posted, but you probably saw that Starrfire7 sent little packages pf pinkness to a couple of people. I was among the lucky selection and actually was also the first to receive the package eventhough I live far of in Sweden. I was planning to blog about it here, of course. But it got lost in all the stress from starting University. Now it’s time.

pinkness from the leader ^_^

As soon as I saw the sticker on the back of the envelope, I didn’t even have to turn it over to know where it came from. It’s all so cute!

The extra items was a surprise as I had only been told I would get the CD. The funny thing is, I had been looking for a cute HK-ruler to put in my schoolbag without any luck of finding one. So that made me extra happy and surprised.

Thank you Starrs, you’re such a sweetie and bringer of happiness!

It’s over ;_;

I went to bed early so I could get up and play the last hours of Happy Hearts. I set the alarm for 3.30am (it went down 5am), but the alarm didn’t wake me! I missed the end and now I won’t get to play any more!
I will go cry now.

Anyways, on a happier note, they announced the Happy Hearts Quest Event Winners!
Congrats Kenman, Kaito, Serenity, Miyabi and Yueya!

 Tell me which bloggers have the most screenies of the end hours. I need to see some and pretend I was there!

Fancy visit on my farm!

So, I actually had Hello Kitty visit me on my farm today. I had to rub my eyes and squint to know it was true. And then the screening-frenzy began.

You might (should) have read about Hello Kitty being out and about in Ripplecloud’s Blog. I have also run into Hello Kitty a couple of times before during FB. At first I saw her running around in Florapolis and later on we (the *Twin Starrs*-guild) caught her on the beach during the end of FB.

But this is different, she actually came to visit me on my farm!

*stunned* HK?! ehm… HI! oh, now, where is that F11? *don’t dare to take my eyes off the screen*

She was all over the place, running around and looking at everything. Who could blaim her with all the pretty roses and fountains to look at though?
HK running around

And then I started wondering aloud
I did see GM-Zel appear and dissappear near the board outside a while ago…

And I started wondering other things aloud without getting any answers.. finally I started feeling like I had lost my mind talking to myself like that. And that was around the time that she left. She went to the door like any other nice guest and she was gone.

My guildies encouraged me to follow her, but by the time I gout outside she was gone. I saw Kittynator and Bi sitting outside and asked if they had seen her run by. And just then… Hello Kitty appeared again out of thin air! Only to run off and I wasn’t fast enough to catch her or see which way she went.

Hey, there she is again!

But it was fun having you visit Hello Kitty, come back again, any time you’d like!

My new farm

I must say, I really enjoy the farms now! Before I thought it was so stressful with the constant pause, un-pause, pause again over and over. This new system I got the hang of much faster, so thank you HKO for that!

Also, the new farmstyles are so pretty! I knew the instant that I saw GM Abbys blog about her farm that I would never find a more beautiful one, and I didn’t. But then there was the question of $. 20,000$ doesn’t grow on sorosis’s.

So I started of really simple in the Happy Hearts of HKO.
That didn’t stop me from getting nice visitors though. Both Starrfire7 and Bi came to visit my little farm during the first couple of days.

My Guild-mates quickly got their pretty farms though and I felt it was time to speed up on the $-raising.
Ghost made sure she would never have to get water again, by simply putting her farm next to a nice brook.
Ghost will never run out of water for her plants

And Kiui has a thing for the mountains.
“eco” - “eco,eco,eco”

So… after a rollback that took the last 6k I had made (I finally reached 20k and then the rollback happened) I pulled my strenght together one last time and finally got my own beautiful farm!

I can’t help but spend a lot of time in there. Especially now with the great new farming-system. This lead to me running into an old friend from another online-game I’ve been really addicted to (I still play it, just not during HKO’s betas), Ceci. It was so much fun talking to her again, it’s been a while since we talked. The perks of keeping the same username in several places online.

I’ll end it with a bic pic of my new farm. My pride and joy! Just click the pic to see it in all it’s amazing glory!
Pink! and Roses! … *happy sigh* I’m in love…

You’re welcome to come visit anytime!

The first hour is done

So I got in just fine when HKO opened it’s doors again. I finished enough quest for today and found out there will be 1 quest per day going on for 5 days. Too bad I’ll be working then so I can’t really get up at 4 am, but good luck to those who can!

My first hour was full of fun, though.

First thing I noticed; I love being able to quickly see which NPC to talk to on a quest with that helping question-mark leading the way.

After finishing my quest, I run into koray, which very un-characteristicly wasn’t afk but very much there. It was nice getting to talk to him for a bit!
koray is moving!

I also got to meet some of the other guild-mates. Starrfire7, Ghost and Tidesong where also online. I never saw Tide, and Ghost was like the wind. I was to busy getting the blowing hair out of my mouth to get a good screenie of her. But Starrs happily took a breather with me.
bow before the guild-leaderess!

Hearing from my guild-mates that petcards were now dropping, I quickly ran to my first favourite in HKO, the Skunks. Luckily enough I got a card on my first try. I wasn’t as lucky when I continued to the Fox’s, but I’ve got time to work on them. Anyways, meet my new friend cotton candy!
cotton candy!

Now I’ll see if I can catch me some of that sleep I’ve been hearing about. It’s supposed to be good for you, so I’d better give it a shot.

Sneak peak!

So if my Time Zone Converter is correct, HKO is scheduled to open for the Founders in about half an hour. It’s a bit after 3.30am my time and I pondered a while over wether to get to sleep early to be able to wake up or if I’d just not go to sleep at all. Since the anticipation made me “not-at-all-sleepy” it kinda just decided for the latter automatically.

So I’ll just have my own little HKO-wake here in front of the computer. I’ll be in the chat-room incase anyone wanna join me.

At 2.50am I decided to run HKO incase there was a new patch, and there was. Then I couldn’t help but try and login and I got to accept some Terms and Conditions - that’s new. Then - to my utter surprise - I actually got in!

There weren’t many of us around, but I got to see Victor and Tidesong running around in there before GM Neverender announced that the server would go down for 45 minutes. But during the about 15-20minutes I got in there I got to see the moving windows. They weren’t the only things moving though. The windmill in Paris was moving, as well as the water in the London fountain. So pretty!

The Maps looked a bit different
Area Map - clicky for fullsize

And there where new NPC’s I met (or were they there during Christmas? I might have missed them then)



So… 30 minutes left huh? I just hope I can get back in then and not be run over by the crowd.

noli scared now O_O

First of all; HKO has made the New Installer and Patch available for Download. So if you still have your client, and participated in the Christmas Reunion; run the program to start the patching. Or, if you want to download it faster, use the manual patch.
If you didn’t participate in Christmas Reunion, uninstall the client and download the client again along with those who hasn’t been part of Founders’ Beta.

So far so good… except
If you live in Europe!

“Sanriotown users in Europe will not be eligible to participate in Hello Kitty Online at this time.” says the official blog.

Allow me to cry for a minute.

Ok, I’m officially scared now. I don’t get to play? Surely this can’t be the case for European Founders’ now can it? Can it?!

For once I’m looking forward to Valentines’ and now this. Oh, well.. hope is that last thing that leaves. I will still stay up through the night and try to get in like usual. You’ll hope with me, right?

*off to find a shooting star* I need to make a wish.

EDIT: Thankfully, azog (unlike me) knows how to read properly and found this in the same official blog;
“All HKO Founders from all countries are automatically eligible to play HKO and join the Happy Hearts event.”
Phew, now I’m all happy again!

Happy Heart - We’ll get to play again

Founders’, it’s time to join up again!

I got home today to find the newsletter for the founders’ in my mailbox. During a couple of days around Valentine’s Day we get to meet up in-game again. I’m so excited!

Seeing how I missed the Christmas reunion I will not be working on the day that the Happy Heart Event opens the doors for us once again. I will be there at 22 EST Feb 12th!

Did you see the image of the farm? I can’t wait to see what other options there are, I want a pretty farm now! (”players can now enjoy 8 new uniquely-designed farm types!“)

If you haven’t got the newsletter, just run over to the official blog to read the news. Will I be seeing you in-game?

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