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Of course… I can’t play!

So the HKO NA version has been downloaded for a while, I just can’t play. Everytime I try to link my Aeria account and my SanrioTown account it says there’s an error. So… No HKO for me

error! error!

Going through the same horrible withdrawal from HKO that I did after FB ended. I keep trying to log in every now and then and cry out in frustration when I can’t.

Now I’m also awaiting a mailresponse on my issue as well, so checking mail about once every hour or once every three minutes depending on my crawings rating for the moment. Comment with links to your blog that has screenies and in-game stories, I need them!

They are all FB…

With all these different HKO versions I got confused. What happened to the Founders’ Beta? Is it still in development? Is it replaced by these versions? Where are our characters? And our beloved GM’s? So I finally sent a mail to onlinegame@hellokitty.com in hopes of finding some answers.

Today I had received my reply:


Thank you for sending your concerns.  The HKO Founders Beta version was the
development phase of the game. All released versions now basically are the
developed versions of Founders Beta. For every region, there is an official
HKO publisher. More features and updates will be released soon so stay tuned
in our official site and blog. :)

Best regards,
Team HKO”

So I guess the characters are gone. No need to be keeping that client then, it won’t be easy to delete though. No word on the GM’s but as all GM’s on HKO Europe seems to be new I guess they either got new jobs or new ingame names they won’t reveal.

And I can’t keep an eye on the official site as they just send me on to the HKO Eu site. I hope they post it all on the blog then.

So now there is the question of which version to play. I’m already playing HKO Eu and will probably always at least have a character on it. But my guildies and friends, where are you? What I hear the most are HKO NA, so I’ll be downloading that tonight I think. Hopefully I can find you all there. Won’t be doing any quests until I am promised no character swipe though, don’t have the patience to go through them all over and over.

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