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About noliai


To start this off, I’m 24 years old. If I were to describe me just some years ago, I would probably say that I often smile and that I am a bit shy. During the time when I went to school my friends would have settled for “studygeek”.

But now I’d rather say that I’ve gotten over most of my shyness even if I still blush easily. I still have a lot of geek in me though. 
I love cats and of course I have my own in my apartement. I rather sit at home and read a book then party all night long on a friday night.
When I hang out with my friends I prefer to go to a café or see a movie at the cinema. When I’m alone I tend to read or sing.

During work I tend to dream wich has led to a rumour of being wimsy and confused. And I have to admit that I am pretty clumsy. We’ll see how that turns out now that I’m back in school at the University. 

If you hear me humming a tune it means that I am happy about something and when I get excited and hyper my lips turn blue (yes, that is true and I have checked already that it’s nothing wrong with my heart, doc says I’m fine).

Other then that, you’ll probably figure me out while reading my blog. And if you still are more curious my mail is of course: noliai@hellokitty.com