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So the HKO NA version has been downloaded for a while, I just can’t play. Everytime I try to link my Aeria account and my SanrioTown account it says there’s an error. So… No HKO for me

error! error!

Going through the same horrible withdrawal from HKO that I did after FB ended. I keep trying to log in every now and then and cry out in frustration when I can’t.

Now I’m also awaiting a mailresponse on my issue as well, so checking mail about once every hour or once every three minutes depending on my crawings rating for the moment. Comment with links to your blog that has screenies and in-game stories, I need them!

11 Responses to “Of course… I can’t play!”

  1. If you look at the screenshot, you’re trying to create a SanrioTown account. Look at the second link, “Create an HKO account with an existing SanrioTown account”.

  2. That’s what the mod at the forum thought too, but it really isn’t. The error-message makes no sence as I just before filled in both my Aerie game info and SanrioTown info. The link you are referring to is the one I clicked (and is currently open in the picture) which brought up the windows where I filled in both usernames and both passwords.

    The only other link there is says:
    “Create HKO game account” (it only asks for the Aerie game account info) and I can’t do that, I already have one. So the error-message is kinda confusing which is why I am awaiting mailresponse on the issue on MorningBell’s order ^_^

  3. Why do I keep writing Aerie? I know it’s Aeria =P

  4. Hope the problem fixes so you can play :) .

  5. :( Were you able to get in the game yet?

  6. Did you ever get to play?! :(

  7. I got to play a little at the end. Unfortunatelly none of you were online :( I did get to join Sailor Scouts though! ^_^

  8. I am wondering if you are starting to play HKO Europe since I read it is now open on beta so I am playing . Hope to see you online.

  9. Yup, I’m at HKO Eu every day :P Will be keeping my eyes open for you Misty ^_^

  10. Is the hko eu still up? I’m in the singapore one! Will have to get on Hko NA some time though, the guild t shirts will only be gotten there!

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