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And I’m sorry about that. There has just been a lot going on for a while now. Some funerals, working where there aren’t enough staff during the summer (ergo: working a lot), vet-visits with cats and starting school. There has also been a new “job” introduced for me that I am really excited about, but aren’t really supposed or allowed to talk about, so I have to leave that. But all in all, it’s been a busy summer.

 The biggest change is school though. I’ve started studying English at the University this week and I’m super-excited and terrified all rolled into one. I’ve always loved English, so I thought it better to start with something I liked and see where it leads. And I guess it wouldn’t hurt to pick this blog back up to practise my English on the side too.

 This first week have been crazy. Last week there was introduction that informed us that we have no holidays. Our holiday is (and I quote, but translate to English):
“The night between January 17th and January 18th as that marks the start of the spring term.”
I guess I should have been prepared with that introduction, but there really is no slow starting week at University. You get thrown right in the middle of it all. Stress, papers to turn in, exercises you need to master, novells to read before next class.

I do love it though. I feel like I’m doing something all the time and I’ve been staring at my wall for to long. It makes me… energetic!
 I’ve also met new people through the class and it’s great to have them to be nervous and stressed and a little excited with. We’re going to watch a small beachvolleyboll-turnament at the University this evening, so I hope it won’t start raining like it looks like now.

The University is also offering some free spare-time activities and this sunday I’ll audition for the Student choir. Later on there will also be singing workshops every monday, with the only requirement of showing up.

So I sort of feel like my life is starting to happen.

As for HKO, you can currently find me at the European OB, which is the only one except the original one (as an FB I see it as the original) I’ll be playing. I’m the regular noliai there too. Don’t believe anyone who else who claims to be me if it would ever happen.

3 Responses to “Long time, no see O_o”

  1. Good to see you again ! I am also in my college choir but we havent start practicing . Are you playing HKO NA ?

  2. Hiya misty!
    Nah, I’m sticking to HKO Europe for the moment. There are too many HKO versions, so I chose two; original FB version and HKO Europe. My comp can’t handle too many programs =/

  3. Me too I am just checking two versions at the moment but I am kinda giving up to HKO NA since the download is taking too long . The only versions I am too now are =
    HKO NA ( downloading )

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