• June 2009
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*wakes up*
Hmm… a crust on my burnmark, shouldn’t that have healed by now?
*tears crust* OUCH!

This day starts out juuust fine.

*get to work*
*headache* OUCH!

*meets old acquaintance*
*finds out something about my sister*
*worries about sister*!!

*customer who speaks without ever breathing shows up*
*line arises*
*tries to notify customer about the line*

*eternitycustomer stays until I have to tell them we are closed*
*customers who don’t even buy anything lifts down chairs from the table and sit down to talk*
I had cleaned that area!
*notifies the customer sitting about an inch from the sign that we are closed*
Sign says: Tables and chairs are only for customers
*cleanes again*
*Late, blushing ellen gets help from workmates to count checkout*
*ellen likes workmates*

I don’t have the strenght to do the dishes today.
I don’t have the strenght to write a proper blog today.

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  1. Poor noliai.:(

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