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Café and 2nd hand

I’ve been working 5 hours in the café today. The café is the most stressful part of the job for me. I never seem to manage to close on time. Somehow I still manage to clock out in (good) time though. Probably because I have workmates who help me out. I like my workmates! 
I’ll be working a lot in the café during summer so I do hope I get faster with a little training.

I’ve been buying clothes 2nd hand online and today I picked up the package that recently arrived. My sister keeps nagging me about “going out” only I can’t wear a sweatshirt or hoodie *sigh*

front …and back

What do you think about this one, think she’ll accept it?
It took some time to get a shot that showed the back, I got a lot of pics of my neck though. You really shouldn’t watch close-up of parts of your body. Now I have weird complex-issues about my neck.

The day ended in a good way with my latest addiction; FruitDanish
M did say it when I brought a bag for the 3rd day in a row:
-The café isn’t good for you, ellen
I’ll be rolling instead of walking before this summer has ended


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