So I’ve added a “My HK-thingies”-page where I collect all of my Hello Kitty-trinklets. I also noticed that there are a couple of things I haven’t listed in the blog yet. So it’s time to do an update!

First off is another buy from my work. A Gum Disc Dispencer.
Gum Disc
You pull a button and gums pop out. Isn’t it cute?! And I can hang it on my bag.

Then I tried to find all my HK-pins, but I could only find one..
pins pins pins
Oh, well. The others will probably turn up soon enough.

Then I have two things from the Hello Kitty Magazine.
Issue #2 contained a necklace:

And #3 included a radio.

And last but not least. When mum went to Stockholm to do some shopping, she walked by this in a window and couldn’t help but stop and buy it for me. She is so sweet and thoughtful - and without knowing it she bought it right after my alarm-clock had stopped working!
tick tock… tick tock

6 Responses to “Update on my HK-thingies”

  1. when did I ever want to get rid of you?? We all missed you, like seriously ;) is that really a radio? Hahaha the ever multipurpose Kitty head! :D

  2. aww, you’re so sweet!
    and lol yeah, it’s really a radio. XD

  3. The radio’s too cute!! ^^

  4. Cute radio! I want oneee. ^_^

  5. Nice stuff :D I like how the alarm clock looks like the older types.

  6. Wow cool! I love the necklace

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