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“Disappointment haunted all my dreams”

Hmm. I need to work today so I couldn’t get up at 4 am this morning when the Christmas Reunion started. I had hoped to be able to play for a while before going to work though, but I’m stuck in the land of “connecting server”, so…

I hope I can play a bit when I get back from work then.
If you get in, post me some screenies of New York please ^_^

How do I do it?

Is there some way to turn off clumsiness? Ok, it’s good that I can prolong people’s lifes by having them laugh at me, but there is a point where “ouch… ouch… ouch!“ just doesn’t include “haha”. I haven’t reached it yet, (actually I’m often the one laughing the loudest and hardest) but I’m starting to think I should be nearing it soon.

Today I got a text telling me about a meeting at my 2nd work, just as I finished my day at my 1st work. I went, but looking back I might have done better staying home. Then again.. it’s me, so you never know. I can understand how my sister laughed so hard when reading what Edward said to Bella in the Twilight series: “Are you referring to the fact that you can’t walk across a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip over?” and then turned and said to me “Ellen, you are so much like Bella!”

To start my day I went to work with three workmates. All three of them walked gracefully down a hill on their way to work so I decided to follow their shorter path and not going the longer (safer) path. Well, I’m not graceful. I fell real hard on my butt (it’s still aching like crazy). And to get up I needed to turn over on my knees. All this was done in the dark but I quickly realised I had fallen in some real wet mud! My jeans are now more brown then blue and the bag is…. oh, my poor poor bag! *cries*

I should have turned and got back home as quickly as possible. There is no such thing as “the lightning doesn’t strike twice”!

At work we played lasergame and by some magic I manage to stay on my feet and even get in a few hits on the guys from the other team. Well, don’t think that made me safe. When we got out one of the guys missed the table and hit my face with his sweaty team shirt. - Although the smile on his face and his quick departure makes me wonder if it may not have been as unintentional as I hope.

I hoped my bad luck had ended by then, but no!

I needed to sign some papers in the office and while going in I manage to trip over the threshold, fly into a chair that hit my boss so she went flying into the wall. I simply lay my head on the chair and gave up as the laughters burst out all around me.

Somehow I managed to get home without more accidents, but the day isn’t over yet, so I won’t get my hopes up. Instead I’ll go back to my new obsession; Twilight. I’m on book #4 “breaking dawn” now. I wish I could turn into a graceful vampire. Bellas description of Alice’s grace always makes me green with envy. To bad stories ends with the book. I’d like a fairytale ending of my own.

Preferrably one without bruises.


I’m really sorry for the lousy updates! I’m just not doing so well right now and I need to focus on just trying to breathe for a while. I’ll be back.

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