GM-magic, Guild-building and rooftops.

We prepared for the Guild Build of New York by gathering all the materials needed for the 3 buildings yesterday. There was some huge teamwork coming from Hileonne, Kiui and Cherrysweet. I tried to keep up, but I just kept falling behind. They were in one word awesome!


Thanks to them and our guildhoarder Tidesong I felt pretty good logging in at 2am this morning.
Yes, I said 2 am, I got a whole of 4 hours sleep last night. The other reps for our guild was at work, so what to do? You get up!

The first thing I noticed when I logged on was that koray was back in the guild. Yay, welcome back, koray!

welcome back

Then came the list of mystery materials. And what a list! With less than 1½ hour to gather me and the 3 other members (Ghost, Starrfire7 and Cherrysweet) online started working.

In the meantime Tidesong wrote our lovely Guild Build-poem
Morning rises before us
Let quick hands start their gathering
Friends we have around us
Lets come together building
No sun or wind can stop us
We’re twin stars guild all shining! 

We did well, but I wasn’t surprised when I reached GM-Neverender’s farm and saw that everyone left a couple of minutes ago. We started out last. I don’t want to think of how far behind we would have been without, once again, Tidesong’s hoarding skills.


But that didn’t discourage us! We were soon joined by a couple more members and was suddenly 6 online. The girls decided to do the building as 5 is the maximum number. With no space left at the building site, Kiui got stuck with the cooking. That guy can make some tasty Milk Chocolate!

Psst: at least one of theese are working from their job. Hehe, any guesses who/which? Don’t tell anyone!

Well, we didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun! 44 minutes after the winners HKO Founders and only 23 minutes after the 2nd winners Misfits we had completed Grand Central Station. Not bad for 6 people out of which only 3 where available to gather the mystery materials, don’t you agree?

Finished at last!

Click the picture below to see the full inside of Grand Central Station.


We then invited GM-Bacon to come look at our pretty building. And he of course started zooming around the place in his mysterious GM-ways.


We were all jeallous, as is natural, and I didn’t hesitate to tell him about my envy. *pof* There I am on the roof!? That totally made my day, what a view!


GM-Bacon then showed off his skills by walking on water before he had to go and take care of important GM-buisness.

walking on water

Well, we didn’t win, we didn’t come second. We are all dirt poor and I’ve got Grand Central Station in my backyard….

But we had fun and got plenty of laughs, and after all, that’s what HKO is really about; Good friends and a lot of fun!

Blog All-Stars

Wohooooo! Did you see? I’m the “Blog of the Week”! I’m so happy I don’t know what to do with myself. Thank you so very much SanrioTown! *bows* Thank you! *bows a bit more*

Blog of the Week!

Coming soon: Guild buildings and rooftops

My very first Dream Studio Video!

It was easier then expected, can’t belive I haven’t tried it before. Decided to do a little video of my eventfull weekend and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Go here to rate or comment (or just comment below).

Request from Tidesong

On the request of Tidesong (I of course do everything for my Guildbuddies!) I am posting the lager pic of the mountains. Enjoy! (^_^)

mountains? O_o

Birthdays, awesome guilds and secret missions

This weekend has been so full of events and things I’m having a hard time figuring out what to start with. Despite me being ill and sneezing until I cried it has been awesome. Guess I’d better start from the beginning.

I was mining coal for the Food for Friends Charity Event when GM-Abby announced that she was looking for people to join her at the Birthday Cake in London. And when a GM calls, you come! At least according to the massive ammount of players that soon had gathered in front of the cake. So GM-Abby got her screenie, and so did I.

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

Next up on the event calendar was Party #1 which started out in the Party Room in London.


It begun with a Hide and Seek-game that resulted in people bursting out of the room trying to find GM-Bacon and HelloKitty first.
- Let’s calmly exit the room in a dignified… *ouch* hey! No stepping on my.. *ouch* that was my… *ouch* now, wait just one… *gets run over*

Hide and Seek

*cough cough* hrm.. anyways…

The first party starting at 2am my time combined with the fact that I have a fever and am lousy at Hide and Seek led to me falling asleep during the party. I missed some giveaway with hair and clothes. But I don’t mind since there was no red hair given out.

Instead I got ready for party #2! This time we assembled at the Birthday cake.

Birthday cake

Now this party was fun! The quizes were impossible cause I’m not a fast enough writer. But the Guild contests were awesome. Why? Cause I’m in the most awesome Guild; *Twin Starrs*

There was only 5 of out 10 members online so the first task was easy to handle. We were supposed to form a straight line. We were a bit worried about the guy from another guild standing at the end and messing up our line at the last minute, but thankfully they paid no attention to that.

Stand still! don’t even breathe…

The 2nd task wasn’t quite as easy for us.
We were told to gather in a members farm. Me and Kiui quickly decided on Starrfire7’s farm and we hurried there.
Then we got the instructions; we were to form the Twin Starrs.

Keep in mind the fact that we were 5, I repeat 5, guild members online. The task seemed impossible.
But *Twin Starrs* aren’t the guild that gives up easily, we’re no quitters, no surie!
We debated back and forth and different options that all seemed impossible. And then, with less then a minute left, we found the answer!
All lined up, I sent a PM to GM-Sabrina to come and check on us.
Our Guild was in a perfect star with our Cur’s making the Twin Starr!

Twin Starrs

How about that? Nothing’s impossible for *Twin Starrs*!

Then the party ended with another quiz-session wich I once again had no chance of winning. Soon after we were told to get to London to claim the Guild prices.

Me and Starrfire7 went straight to the Birthday cake and started chatting while waiting. Then Starrfire7 leaned closer and whispered in my ear
“i am sending you on a super secret guild mission”
I was ready in an instant! The mission was to get to Sanrio Harbour for a secret meeting where I would be representing the Guild. Yes, I was proud, I was the chosen one, I was… the only Guild member except Starrfire7 still online… …

In any way. I had barely gotten to Sanrio Harbour until something swooped down on me fast and picked me up. Before I knew it I was in the mountains (we have mountains?) and sitting in the lap of GM-Calealen.
- Yeah, sorry about that Cal.

mountains? O_o

The guild prizes will be useful in the Food for Friends Charity Event. So thank you for that, Cal!

All in all, it has been one eventful weekend. Now I’ll get back to my bed and my tissues. See ya!

Runaway Dino & fever-mistakes

I’m still ill so this will be a short update.

1st I’d like to suggest Starrfire7 to have a really serious talk with her Dino about running around unattended. After Starrfire7 had gone to sleep, Dino decided to stay out. It’s all fine, don’t worry, I told him to go straight home!

And I didn’t really mind the company either. At that time of day not many guildies or friends are online with me.


2nd… And please keep in mind that I have a fever when I tell you the next thing that has happened…

I.. erm.. planted some trees.. erm.. infront of my small cauliflowers…. again!

Yes, I know you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes. But apparently the ”learning from old mistakes”-part of the brain doesn’t work when you have a cold.

I ran straight to the seed shop to buy new Lemon seeds and cover it up, but even though I ran as fast as I could I got caught. When I returned to my farm Starrfire7 (who’d heard my swearing and mutterings) had arrived to see what had happened. I tried hiding in the lemon trees but I’m not so sure it worked.

oh no! not again!

She’s probably now cursing the day she invited this clutz to the guild.

Coming soon: Bithday parties, Twin Starrs accomplishing the impossible and secret missions in the mountains.

Our guild is slowly growing…

*Twin Starrs* have started gathering and farming for the Food for Friends Charity Event. We of course realise that our small 10 member guild doesn’t stand much of a chance against the big ones like 200 members (full guild) Sailoria and the likes. But we still wanna join and it’s for charity, so.

I started off by heading to Sanrio Harbour to gather some oranges for the Tangerine Juice. On my way back I met koray and enjoyed a nice little chat. His cur has the best name, just so you know.


It wasn’t long until me, Starrfire7 and Kiui had come up with a way to organise things a bit. Starrfire7 and Kiui focused on the farming part while I focused on the gathering. We soon met up at Starrfire7’s farm to trade our crops and gatherings to produce out first batch of finished materials.

Twin Starrs

Soon after this we became a bit out of focus. We were joined by a new member (juno) at about the same time as we realised over half of our guild was online at the same time. Because of time difference this don’t happen often.

We wanted to make the most of it and take a screenie. Now we just needed to decide on a place. And what better place for the *Twin Starrs* guild to meet, then with the Twin Starrs themselves; Kiki and Lala in Hello Kitty’s Birthday Party at London.

Only one thing… juno hadn’t been to London yet.
But what is a guild for if not for bodyguarding? We all ran to her rescue and met up with her in Florapolis.


And so began our journey to London. We all made a perfect *cough*ok, maybe not *cough* circle aroung juno and made sure no monster could touch her!

watch out!

And before you could say “grouphug” we were all safe in London.
only to realise you need a key to get into the party. Hmpfh!

Doesn’t matter! We took our screenies outside instead and it turned out just as great.

From the left: Tidesong, Cherrysweet, juno, noliai (that’s me), Kiui and Starrfire7.

But the fun didn’t end there. What do you do in London? You go shopping! So we, of course, showed juno the shopping streets of London.


And when it was time for juno to head back to Florapolis, we didn’t bail on her. We wanted to make sure she got back without a scratch on her and so the *Twin Starrs* Bodyguards where on the move once again. This time we got some extra help from Dino and Chubby.

coming through!

Now I’m off to get some rest and honey tea. C-vitamins are also supposed to help when you have a cold or closing in on getting the flu, right? Oranges it is. See ya and thanks for today! *huggles my awesome guildmembers*

Happy Birthday Mimmy!

Sugar_chan was the one who made me aware of what I’d forgotten. I was in the Party-room celebrating Hello Kitty with everyone else when I saw her going straight up to Mimmy and saying a simple “happy birthday Mimmy!”

And there I was, just thinking about Hello Kitty and forgetting her sweet sister. Well Happy Birthday Mimmy! I’m sorry I forgot, I’ll bring you your own birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Mimmy!

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