Now, what is this? I can’t log in on the American SanrioTown anymore. Everytime I try I get redirected to the European SanrioTown with this message:

Redirected to your
country-specific version,
please login here:

What?! I can’t decide for myself anymore?! That’s just wrong! All the people I know here are at the American forums and now you cut me off from it? I even changed my country in settings to USA and that didn’t work either. So while waiting for HKO to reach OB I won’t even be able to keep up with my friends at the forums? I can read while logged out of course.. But not post an answer.

Excuse me… I’ll go cry now.

9 Responses to “No! You broke it! Go back, go back!”

  1. oh :(

  2. awww NO noliai! *hugs* i miss you already from reading this! that isnt right at all.

  3. O_O Oh man, that stinks. Maybe there’s a way to get around that.

  4. yeah ;_;
    I do really hope there will be some way around it!

  5. That is so wierd… i suppose you’ve tried this:
    isnt’ there a place to change countries?

  6. Edit… Ok I guess you’ve tried the change countries to US thing… hmm wierd… aren’t the forums exactly the same in every country though? And blog postings are also country specific which is wierd because you are posting from your noliai account which has got to be in americas and canada… so yeah… *confused*

  7. Tidesong Yup, tried to change to US but as soon as I have filled in my login it send me to European SanrioTown again.
    I’m writing the blog from European SanrioTown.
    And no, the European forums are not the same as the US ones. They are much quitere for one thing.
    I’m confused too :(

  8. This isn’t great but what you need to do is to login to the European version then, on your browser put in this direct link:

    See if that works…

  9. hkfood I’ve tried that.. Still sends me to the European Forum.

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