Finding a topic within Founders Beta to write about isn’t hard. Of course I will be writing about my Guild, *Twin Starrs*. The hard part comes when I am to describe them properly. Cause no words will be enough when telling you how much they all mean to me. Founders Beta would have been fun without them, but never this much fun!

After all;
We were the ones accomplishing the impossible when we made Twin Starrs with only 5 members.

We focused on the fun and made sure we finished the building of New York even if we didn’t win anything.

Building New York

We don’t laugh at each other mistakes, like when I planted trees infront of caulis so I couldn’t gather from the caulis.
…Oh, wait, Starrfire7 laughed really hard at that. Ok, scratch that last thought.

I feel that being in a tiny guild made us all come closer. Kiui who’s the expert when it comes to massive ammounts of milk chocolate in a small ammount of time. His wife Cherrysweet who is as sweet as her name and made us all envious with her gathering skill. Hileonne who’s like a machine when it comes to gathering and even beat Cherry with his speed. Tidesong who’s the Guild hoarder and makes sure we get a head start at every guild event. The leader Starrfire7 who’s entusiasm and love for LTS is what brought us all together. Her sister Ghost who was forced up during early mornings of building and gathering… I could go on forever about them all!

(If the music doesn’t start when you play, just hit stop and play again, if you can’t see the video click here) ;P

We may not be the biggest guild and we may not win all the contests. But we are the tiny guild that has the most fun and never gives up. I am so happy that I met you all, and so sad to see FB end. Although I am sure we’ll be keeping up with our guild-mailing during the wait for OB. I love you guys!

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  1. Oh my .. what a great post …. *wipes tears* I had a great time with u guys too! Very honored to have such great ppl in our guild. Till OB … MISS U ALL!!!

  2. Oh–I think I met one of your guild members before =) I forgot who…but we started exchanging and sharing our emoticons LoL I had the Keroppi ones and you guys had the Twin Star ones!! They’re both so cute! Our guild got dissolved in the end though *sad*

  3. Starrfire7 :) I am honoured I got to be a part of it!

    kittyology The emoticons are fun to play around with! I’m sad your guild got dissolved. I’m hoping some of you will recreate it in OB to make it even better! ^_^

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