First off: I’ve found a way to post on the American forums even when I’m logged in to the European SanrioTown. Yay me!

So to celebrate I’ll eat my favourite dessert, which is ice-cream! There is a new ice-cream recently released that I simply looove! I have never eaten any ice-cream better than this (and I eat a lot of ice-cream).

Temptation for cookie

Vanilla ice-cream with fudgesauce and chocolate cookies. Mmmmm… *drools*

What’s your favourite ice-cream? Tell me all about it!

.* it’s snowing .*.

Bad pic, cause I took it through the window, but it’s starting to snow pretty heavy. And I have to go to work in a couple of minutes. where is my scarf?


No! You broke it! Go back, go back!

Now, what is this? I can’t log in on the American SanrioTown anymore. Everytime I try I get redirected to the European SanrioTown with this message:

Redirected to your
country-specific version,
please login here:

What?! I can’t decide for myself anymore?! That’s just wrong! All the people I know here are at the American forums and now you cut me off from it? I even changed my country in settings to USA and that didn’t work either. So while waiting for HKO to reach OB I won’t even be able to keep up with my friends at the forums? I can read while logged out of course.. But not post an answer.

Excuse me… I’ll go cry now.

Some “Blog for Thought”-entries

So the “Blog for Thought“-part of the Founders Finale has ended, and as I expected there has been some great bloggings going on. Wich makes a blog-addict like me very happy (this is certainly one of my favourite-events so far). I thought I’d list all of the ones I have found. If any is missing from my list that you know of, please let me know so I can read them and add them (in that order).

And I had to give it a shot to, of course: My Blog for Thought
Reading all of theese awesome entries though.. I realise I don’t stand much of a chance. But I did enjoy the reading! ^_^

Latest Ebay - buy

Ok, so my biggest weakness is bags, but there is one other thing I like to have more then 1 of. Calendars! My memory is good - but short… and therefor calendars and daily planners are my lifesavers.

cute!Seeing how 2008 is closing in on its end along with my current calendars it’s time to find a new. And Ebay is the place to find the cute stuff that Sweden is to boring to have. So now this adorable Charmmy Schedule Book has started it’s way towards my bag. Can’t wait ’til it arrives!



I just happened to be walking by the tele when the Twilight-trailer started playing. I just froze. I need to see that movie! Everything in the trailer just screamed that I would love it!

I threw myself on the phone to call my sister and ask if she wanted to go see it with me. Unfortunatelly she can’t afford it until sometime after the 25th so I’ll have to wait. But still, I will se it!

I haven’t read the book, but believe me, now I will. And Paramore being on the soundtrack is a nice bonus.


I’m too tired to blog. Been working every day this week and will continue to until sunday… Also, my cold won’t really let go and leave me alone.

Sorry for the non-existent blog-updates and not being in the chatroom so often. But I’ll be back… ish a promis’

The end…

Just a fair warning, this will be image-heavy as my F11 went warm during those last moments of HKO FB. All of the images that has been resized down you can click for fullsize.

At 3:45 am (I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; HKO don’t like me sleeping!) I got up and logged on for the last ingame event in Sanrio Harbour during FB. It started with a 5 question quiz which I as usual could answer most of at once but never was fast enough to win.

Can you spot all the guildies?

Then came the Kevent wich turned out to be just guessing how many Kev’s there was. (Or was it a trick question and the answer was 1? The chat went by so fast I couldn’t determine.)

There is only 1 real Kev (the original)!

So the event was real fast and ended sort of.. fast. I got ready for bed as I needed to get to work in just a couple of hours. But when it came to hitting that Exit-button for the last time in who knows how long… I simply couldn’t! It was too dificult and I ended up staying to the very end.
Boy, am I glad I did!

First we decided for another of our valued Guild-screenies and called everyone to the beach! We were only 6 people online so we quickly gathered… with one exception; Starrfire7 had gone afk. What to do, you might ask. Well , remember that this is no ordinary guild, this is the *Twin Starrs* guild, and for us, no task is impossible! We kidnapped her! Which of course made her come back and get all confused a couple of minutes later.


Suddenly we started seeing flashes of light and we all panicked in the thought that here comes the end, the heavens will fall down upon us!

 ooooh *flashy light*

But it was just a bunch of the GM’s who had caught a climpse of our fun beach party and decided to join us.

love ya!

They then headed off and suddenly Hello Kitty came running past us! What do you do when you’re a HKO-fan? You run after!

Well, we did anyways…

 Hello Kitty!

We soon realised that we probably crashed a GM-screenie party and headed back for the beach again. This is where things got out of control. The girlies decide it was time to have a naked party!

strip down to your undies I tell ya!

The guys were very a bit shy, but after some persuation, we soon had started a naked party-line!

the guild without clothes!

*flash* *pof* Once again, GM-AVA was the first to join the fun!


The GM’s and Hello Kitty quickly joined us , which of course caught the eye of some passers by who decided to join us too. This was starting to get pretty crowded, but you know what they say; The more the merrier!

quickly! cover Kitty eyes!

But then people started hearing that Hello Kitty was at the beach and people wanting to get screenied with her quickly messed up our pretty line with their clothes and sitting down upon each other.

Then the countdown started for real.

bring some tissues!

We all said our goodbye’s and promised to keep in touch through the chat. We got told TO NOT delete the client, so remember to keep it! We waved and silently cried, while hoping to maybe get just some minutes more, when….

the end….

…the end


…or is it?

Oh, and did you see?

redheadYou might have noticed a change in the last blog? It all happened after I joined in on the GM-bashing in the GM-Piñata event. The only reason I got up at 3am that day was due to tiny chance that they just might release red hair for girls. After all, I had been waiting for it since the start of FB.

Turned out none of them dropped me any red hair. -_-

-But how come…?
-You’re wondering about my red hair?

Well after the event was over, one of my friends who knew how much I’ve been wanting red hair actually came running, just to give it to me! My own secret angel. I was (I am) so grateful and totally overwhelmed! Don’t you agree? I look better in red hair!

Oh, and you saw, didn’t you? *Twin Starrs* and our 11 members actually got 5th in the FFF event! We managed to scrape up $388,56. Yay for us! Yay for the winners! Yay for all who took the time to contribute with food! And yay for HKO for holding such an awesome Charity Event!

Blog for Thought

Finding a topic within Founders Beta to write about isn’t hard. Of course I will be writing about my Guild, *Twin Starrs*. The hard part comes when I am to describe them properly. Cause no words will be enough when telling you how much they all mean to me. Founders Beta would have been fun without them, but never this much fun!

After all;
We were the ones accomplishing the impossible when we made Twin Starrs with only 5 members.

We focused on the fun and made sure we finished the building of New York even if we didn’t win anything.

Building New York

We don’t laugh at each other mistakes, like when I planted trees infront of caulis so I couldn’t gather from the caulis.
…Oh, wait, Starrfire7 laughed really hard at that. Ok, scratch that last thought.

I feel that being in a tiny guild made us all come closer. Kiui who’s the expert when it comes to massive ammounts of milk chocolate in a small ammount of time. His wife Cherrysweet who is as sweet as her name and made us all envious with her gathering skill. Hileonne who’s like a machine when it comes to gathering and even beat Cherry with his speed. Tidesong who’s the Guild hoarder and makes sure we get a head start at every guild event. The leader Starrfire7 who’s entusiasm and love for LTS is what brought us all together. Her sister Ghost who was forced up during early mornings of building and gathering… I could go on forever about them all!

(If the music doesn’t start when you play, just hit stop and play again, if you can’t see the video click here) ;P

We may not be the biggest guild and we may not win all the contests. But we are the tiny guild that has the most fun and never gives up. I am so happy that I met you all, and so sad to see FB end. Although I am sure we’ll be keeping up with our guild-mailing during the wait for OB. I love you guys!

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