Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!


Ok, in Sweden it isn’t really November 1st yet, but whatever. I was so happy to meet Choco in Florapolis! I’ve been looking for him everywhere. Only the happiness didn’t last long cause he told me that there was no birthday cake for Hello Kitty!


Of course, that can’t be so I ran straight to see Thomas in East Dream Forest for help.


Yeah.. much of a help he was. He gave me the recipe and just left me with it.
-Great! Now I’m the party baker.
Oh, well, there’s nothing more to do then run to the store for the ingredients. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one shopping. I mean, ok it’s Kitty’s birthday, but haven’t you planned ahead? Buying the birthday gifts this late is kinda… well, ok, I won’t say anything. *cough* unorganised *cough*


Anyhow.. I saved the day by baking the cake and of course it turned out to be amazingly tasty!

-Hey, don’t spit it out in your napkin, it isn’t that bad!

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

The party was amazing! Well, it still is. We’ll party til noon and further, come join us! Here are some of my party-pics:

HK and Daniel

Badtz and Mimmy


Twin Starrs

For more info about the Hello Kitty Event, go here.

Hello … Kitty?

Ok, I must be really ill, cause I am seeing things!

We all know that Kitty is in London, celebrating her birthday. So how come I saw her in Florapolis? Running around with what I can only imagine is a friend of hers. They were both to busy chatting and running somewhere to stop and answer my questions. Anyone who can help me out here? What is Hello Kitty doing outside of London? Am I simply just seeing things? Fever-dreams?

Hello Kitty?

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