Logged on this morning and quickly realised something was wrong. I couldn’t write in the Guild Chat or open the Guild Window. It simply stated I was not in a Guild, eventhough the Guild-name uner my IGN clearly proved otherwise.

I wrote GM-Wayne for help and he told me to log out and then log back in. Yay! It worked. All was fine. I went and took a shower and when I came back it seemed they had patched while I was afk. I was “Disconnected from server”. So I patched and logged back in.

Met Tidesong who spoke in Guild Chat. I tried to reply, but once again got the message I’m not in a Guild. Oh, well.. easy fixed, I thought and logged out. Only to realise I can’t get back in. I get to the server-list. Hit the green checkmark. “Connecting server…” starts and then….

…. nothing!

It freezes and the program stops responding. I tried over and over with the same results.

Next step is the forum. I try to reply in the serverthread only to discover that doesn’t work either. The text-box simply doesn’t show up. And I can’t post an empty message either. Nor a new thread. I give up! I just hope I’ll be able to post this blog or I’ll go insane.

I’ll just go to work now, hoping this will all be fine when I return tonight.

4 Responses to “Something’s not right here…”

  1. I’m having the same problem too!!! ARGH!

  2. Ditto! I was wondering why it was so quiet in sanrioland too o.O And then it suddenly hung on me and everything crashed and died

  3. Yikes!O_O Hope it works fine with you.

  4. i had that happen too! and i just kept playing until the game crazhed and everything stopped moving. it’s funny when the game does that. cos when i’m walking around and no one is moving and all the monsters are still. but then i go to a portal and i’m stuck! it always seems to happen at the same time of day to.

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