Something’s not right here…

Logged on this morning and quickly realised something was wrong. I couldn’t write in the Guild Chat or open the Guild Window. It simply stated I was not in a Guild, eventhough the Guild-name uner my IGN clearly proved otherwise.

I wrote GM-Wayne for help and he told me to log out and then log back in. Yay! It worked. All was fine. I went and took a shower and when I came back it seemed they had patched while I was afk. I was “Disconnected from server”. So I patched and logged back in.

Met Tidesong who spoke in Guild Chat. I tried to reply, but once again got the message I’m not in a Guild. Oh, well.. easy fixed, I thought and logged out. Only to realise I can’t get back in. I get to the server-list. Hit the green checkmark. “Connecting server…” starts and then….

…. nothing!

It freezes and the program stops responding. I tried over and over with the same results.

Next step is the forum. I try to reply in the serverthread only to discover that doesn’t work either. The text-box simply doesn’t show up. And I can’t post an empty message either. Nor a new thread. I give up! I just hope I’ll be able to post this blog or I’ll go insane.

I’ll just go to work now, hoping this will all be fine when I return tonight.

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